Customer Relationships: When we think about how to increase the profits, then the only answer is to keep the focus on making the new sales or by going through the bigger accounts. No matter whether our business is small or big it is necessary to maintain it thriving. The secret behind retaining the good business is following the way which will create the positive impact on the customers.

How to maintain the Customer Relationships

Immediately after the completion of the sales, the effective follow-up will begin. We can observe this when we call the customers to know how our products or service pleased them. In addition to this, there are different ways to implement which will ensure our business keeping the customers in mind.

Let the customers know about the everything

Steps you are Implementing keeping them in Mind

We can make it merely mailing the newsletter to our existing customers or by following the informal way through the phone call. Whatever way you are following the only key point is to make the customers know about the excellent service that we are offering to them. Customers might not notice the things we are doing for them if we did not mention them correctly.

While speaking to the customers, we should not be arrogant. We should talk pleasingly to impress them. Just do a phone call and tell them not to worry about the problems as we handled them efficiently. Make them know that we have taken care regarding the paperwork which is known as the attorney or double-checking the shipment.

Write the handwritten notes frequently to the old customers personally

We can do this by merely sitting on the desk and thinking about our old customers. After getting their names in our mind write a letter to them asking them whether they need another set of the luggage that they took previously.

If you come across the old users, try to talk with them. Make them get the complete details about our new products. Ask them to meet us again to know more information. Continue the discussion till you tell the new products or services information.

Maintain it personally

It is effortless to communicate through the voice mail and e-mail. The only problem is that we will lose the personal touch. Don’t think it as the legitimate follow-up. If you encountered any trouble try to leave the voice-mail conversation to whom you wish to talk with directly. Try to stop by his or her office during the allocated timings.

Remember Special Occasions

Try to send the greeting via birthday cards, holiday cards, anniversary cards. Offer the excellent gifts. There is no need to spend more to express the love but try to bring out the creativity by selecting the exciting gifts. These gifts should contain the tie-up relationship with the business or with the customers previous business purchases.

Pass the information

If you come across the article or a new book which tells us about in which the customer is interested in, then drop the note. Otherwise, do the quick call to make them know and try to impress the clients.

Take the follow-up calls and Business Development Calls into consideration

While speaking with the old clients or customers, we can know about the referrals which can aid us to create the new business.

Use your ideas and try to implement the plans which will help us to achieve the excellent customer relationships.


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