Google Partners:

It is the Google’s program mainly for the sake of advertising agencies, marketing professionals and some other consultants who will look after the AdWords accounts.

Google Partners and How to sign up for the Google Partners

Here is the complete information regarding the Google Partners benefits and how to sign up to the particular program.

Individuals Benefits

To Become an expert:

Using the free study material, we have to go through the exams and should gain the certifications. So that we can assess the Google Adwords, Google Analytics, and other mobile sites development with that knowledge.

Once after completion of the certification, we have to exhibit our expertise along with the personalised and certificates which are printable and the Google Partners public profile page.

Connect with Google: We should access all type of events and training, product updates, Google Partners Community, and industry research.

Benefits for agencies

Earn Partner Status: Earning certifications and getting good scores in the exams will aid our company to qualify the Partner status. After qualifying the Partner status, companies will earn the Partner or Premier Partner badge. The badge will tell us that we have shown our Adwords skill and expertise and we have met the AdWords spend required things. It will tell us that we have successfully delivered the agency and growth for the client growth and grown the client base.

Earn specialisations for the company: The companies can earn the specialisations if they had the Partner status and cleared all the requirements. Company specialisations will show the product expertise and aid the business to win and differentiate itself in the entire market.

Search for new clients: Companies can get placed in the Google Partner Search if it earned the Partner or Premier Partner badge. Mostly the advertisers will use the Google Partner Search to search for the companies which can aid them to meet their online advertising and website requirements.

Connect with the Google: Companies which got the Partner status can get the authorisation to access the training, additional events and for even more. For prospective and existing clients, we can obtain the AdWords and promotional offers.

Here are the complete details regarding how to log in the Google Partners.

Sign up for Google Partners

Google Partners is the program regarding the Google through which we can advertise the agencies, professionals, digital marketing and other online consultants. After signing into it, we can get the access to several advantages like the training and special events, certifications, research relating to the industry and even more.

Here are the steps that we should follow to sign up the Google Partners and to create the individual Partners profile.

Before you start

If you did not know how to sign up the Google Partners we have to follow the below criteria.


Email address

Before giving the email address to sign up, we have to keep this information in mind.

The email address should be used regularly: We have to use the email address which we will check often. So that there is no chance to miss the communications from the Partners like special invitations, news, promotions and even more.

Email that is linked to the Google Account: It can be either the Gmail address or non-Gmail address like it may be the work email. Make sure whether we linked the email address to the Google Account if we are using the non-Gmail address.

Adwords Manager account access: If you want to have the authorisation to access the AdWords promotional offers or trying to create the company’s partners profile then it is necessary to sign up with a standard email address. It should have the administrative access to the AdWords Manager account. This account contains all type of accounts, and we can manage it.

We should create it with the account that we will check always.

Profile options

When we are signing up the Partners, we should create a profile and then affiliate it with the company’s profile. If the company did not have it, create it while registering.

To make our company get access to all type of Partners program advantages, we should create the profile and should affiliate it.

Steps for setting up your profile

  1. At first, visit the Partners website.
  2. In that click on the Join Google Partners.
  3. Then tap on the Join Now.
  4. If you are not signed into the Google Account, we have to do it now.
  5. Check all the Terms of Service and conditions. After reading, if you are okay with all of them then click on the accept option.
  6. Check whether you are ready to get the emails from the Google Partners. It is essential to get the emails as it is the primary source to get the details regarding the following ones.
    • Suggestions regarding the performance and reminders.
    • Research regarding the partners.
    • Special invitations, news, and promotions

  7. Then click on the sign-up option.
  8. Optional: If you are looking to have the AdWords promotional offers and our company already had the Partners profile then enter the company name in the search box.
  9. Optional: There appears a list in the search results. Choose the company name from that list.
  10. Optional: Tap on the Affiliate. We will get a mail saying confirm the email address. After confirming the email address, the admin of our company’s profile has to approve the request.



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