Best Driving Directions through Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, MapQuest: While we are travelling to the unknown places, many people will search for the directions on the internet. They will take the assistance of the web to find the directions. There are different maps to show us the way and they are Google Maps, MapQuest, Yahoo! Maps and many other. Several options are present to reach our desired destination within less time period. The question that arises in the mind of the people which online directions service is the best one. Here is the complete information that will help us to pick the best website to find the driving directions.

Best Driving Directions through Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, MapQuest

Google Maps

The attractive thing in the Google Maps is its easy way to use. Once if you type your present location and your destination place in the Google Search Engine, it will provide you with the complete directions accurately. Even though the Google Maps directions are not 100 percent accurate they had the good and remarkable track record.

Google Maps will facilitate us with the charted course regarding the digital map to the directions correctly. It will give us the aerial photos along with the location of the street. One must follow the directions carefully to reach their selective destination.

It is not only limited to the US (United States). Using it, we can navigate ourselves in the streets even in the abroad. Finally, the work of the map makers is fantastic and its interface is fluid. It will illustrate the traffic levels on your way to the destiny in further arriving hours.

Even though there are negative reviews on the Google Maps, the directions provider. Some people are reporting that it is leading its customers through the closed roads, roads which end abruptly and to some other areas which they do not intend to visit.

It may lead to the wrong destination because of the faulty directions that you had taken and trying to get back on the track correctly. Make sure to run the vehicle under safe condition. Follow the defensive driving instructions to avoid the risk of the high speed causing accidents.

Following the defensive driving course will control our automobile insurance rates. It will remove the driver’s license points and aid us to drive our vehicle in the safe and secure manner.

Yahoo Maps

It is not the familiar online directions website. Yahoo Maps will also provide us with the best way to reach our destination and picks the efficient route for us. It contains the inbuilt GeoRSS support, geocoding capability. Yahoo Maps features the open APIs and has the flash version also.

We can see this services more in the United States and Canada. In that, the people will give both to and from destinations. It is not much popular like the Google Maps but it is the polished Maps service. Strictly speaking, the Yahoo! Maps do not empower the travellers to find the terrain/streets using the aerial photographs.


It is the oldest directions website which is present in the web. MapQuest will give the simple user experience with the polished web aesthetic. It contains the inbuilt routing and geocoding. This site will advise us to move right and left and helps us to reach our desired location.

It also has the convenient ‘Avoid’ button which will make users bypass the intersections which are busy or rife due to the constructions. However, it does not provide the photos while travelling to the unknown places. Hence it won’t show any photos which help us to escape from the challenges during the journey.

Many people complained saying that the MapQuest is providing the quirky directions which are not efficient and correct. We can see the MapQuest traffic data in the mess of both the blue and green lines which makes us difficult to guess the traffic levels on our way.

Conclusion: The Final Winner

Google Maps is the winner and the accurate online directions provider. It ranked well among the people as it is simple and customers can use it easily simply by typing in the search box interface. Google Maps has the user-friendly nature and provides the correct directions. It will display different colours for different streets and even can sort the remote area locations.


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