Xbox One X: Here come new games on Xbox that will need keyboard and mouse support.

Xbox with Keyboard and Mouse compatibility:

Xbox is one of the best and the widely used gaming controls. The games that are exclusively made for Xbox are a lot nowadays. It is only the PC users who have a chance to play with the keyboard and mouse. The Xbox comes with controllers. Now, Xbox is thinking about the possibility of using keyboard and mouse in the games that are on Xbox.

In a panel at PAX, Mike Ybarra, Xbox Platform CVP, has revealed the new plans from Xbox One. They are holding plans for the mouse and keyboard compatibility for the Xbox. Mouse and keyboard support for Xbox should be a cool process if it happens.

Xbox One, Xbox ONe S, Xbox One X:

Microsoft has announced that there will no more be any production for the original Xbox One console. The production of the console is stopped while Xbox One S will be continued. However, the gaming world is waiting for the Xbox One X which is said to be the most efficient gaming console ever. Along with Xbox one X, Xbox One S will also be available in the sale.

Xbox One X units sale:

There are mixed reviews about the sale of Xbox One X. The console has been revealed. But the release of the same should take almost next two months. The industry learning says that the console will have great sales. Michael Pachter, the industry analyst, says that the Xbox One X will sell as much as 1 million this holiday season itself.

He said in a tweet, “My estimate is 1 million global units at holiday,” He added, “Don’t ‘want’ it to fail, think that is the right number. 1 million is not a huge success.” But now, there is the second opinion on the same.

However, it is accepted that Xbox One X will have a good sale and will outsell PS4 Pro. But, the number of units sold in Xbox One X may not be as high as 1 million. It is not good news for Sony who is having a great sale of PlayStations now.


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