Musically APK download: The APK is one of the applications that have been trending these days. The is a free application. It is allowed to user create the music video for a variety of songs. The is super easy to set up and share with friends around the world. Maximum video length is limited to the 15 seconds. You can pick any audio son available and make awesome music videos.

What is Musically APK, Musically APK download for Android devices and its Features


The is the top and trading social networking app on the nowadays market. The youth dominates it. It adds content for the majority of its customers to spend more time with the app. The has lucrative features and allows users to share the videos easily via this platform.

About Musically:

The app is a social networking platform based on the videos. People can share their videos with other people in the community and socialise. The music videos are mostly based on some talent like dancing, singing or acting. The videos are quite popular in the western states. Now, the Musically app trends across several parts of the world with over a 90 million registered people.

Users have started using the Musically to stay in trend and interact with others on the platform. The app was recorded to be the highest on the iOS App Store in July 2015. In these several characteristics such as live broadcasting, lip-sync videos and regular likes or fans following. People make new friends on the platform by following them.

APK Specs Details
Version 5.6.0
Requirement Android 4.1+
The app features A social networking platform for sharing the Musical videos with people.
File size 43.46MB
File Download APK Link


How to Download Musically APK and use:

The steps to use app is shown here:

  • The app is available on Google Play store and AppStore.
  • Login to the app using the Twitter or Facebook account or signup with your email id. Choose username and password and set your profile.
  • Download the Direct APK from that app.

Get familiar with the application to get more out of it. Tap the home icon to follow most famous musers and look through the featured music videos. Click on the magnifying glass to find out the musers. It is the favourite videos and trending tags. Tapping on the lightning icon shows your notification. The rightmost profile icon opens up your profile. Now you can set your profile to musername, Instagram id, YouTube id etc.

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Tap on the home icon to follow the popular musers and look through the featured music videos. Click on the magnifying glass to find out the favourite musers, trending tags and favourite videos also. Tapping on the lighting icon shows your notifications. In the profile rightmost icon open your profile. Now you can set your profile such as username, Instagram id, YouTube id etc.

Create a Music Video:

Click on the plus icon in yellow color to make your first debut on The next screen opens the three options such as shoot. First, Pick Music, choose a video from the library. You can pick the songs from the online library by searching the songs or songs on the phone.

After selecting the track, you can choose the how fast want to play your final video. It makes your video game soon choose fast, lapse ad the slower you want to choose slow, epic.

Your song will play at a reasonable pace if you want to play video slow or fast. Tap the scissors icon to select the part of the track play. Now you can select an endpoint while shooting the video.

Once you are complete the video strings, you can start your video by taping and holding the video camera icon to start filming, release the finger to stop the filming.

Once completed, click on the green icon on the top to view your musical, if you are satisfied with the video, continue for editing or else go back to reshoot the video.

If you are done with the shooting, you can add filters to the video like we insert the photos. Users can time trap the video in a loop, and you can move the music segment playing in the background.

Once the music is created, you can add a title, muser tags and hashtags. You can publish the video to the whole community or share privately also. Later you will be directed to the page to share the Musical to other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram etc.

Musically APK download for Android:

The post is regarding the most trending social media networking application for the Android platform. We are going to give the details of the Musically APK download Android app ( APK). We are providing the steps and extract the link to file download.

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Firstly, there was a craze for the app on the iPhone and iPad devices. But due to the continued feedback on the app, the Android versions came into existence as well. It is an increase in Musically APK download ever since. We are providing the new text of this APK download for your Android phones.

The steps to set the app up on your devices here:

  • Initially, go to the phone settings and access the “Security” or “Application” menu.
  • In any one of these, you will have to find the “unknown sources” option.
  • Click on enable the option to allow it. It will be shown bt the tick mark in the box.
  • After that, you will have to download the APK file.
  • Use the official link to get the Musically APK download for your Android devices.
  • Once the downloading complete, tap on the APK file folder.
  • Click on the install option at the bottom of the screen.
  • Wait for some time until the installation process completes.

After installation, you will be able to enjoy the musical and social experience through this app. In this lots of amendments took place for the app version. We will have a look at the latest features of this app next.

Features of Musically:

As we know how this is a social network interactive app, with this many features are that enhance your experience in the same. Take a look at the below points to understand the app in a better way.

  • People can share their videos to gain likes and fans across the platform.
  • The musicals or videos catch many eyes in short time when the users can become ‘Featured users’ of this app.
  • If you do not have any singing or dancing talents, you can just put up short video clips of the lip-synching the tracks.
  • Users can send the messages and comments to interact with other people and appreciate their talents.
  • Showcasing oneself through the app will allow the people to become know and may become a famous.

So, these are the various features that we wanted to share with you. Join the community if you are still not there and become a part of these social networks. To conclude, we hope that all are clear with the Musically APK download for Android devices.


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