SanDisk Dual Drive pen drives: On Thursday, Western Digital company unveiled its new storage drive for the Android users in India. The Sandisk Dual Drive is the mobile storage pen drive designed for the Android customers, who find themselves needing some extra storage on-the-go. The pen drives range from 16GB to 128 GB in capacity. What the price starts for this pen drives is Rs 700. The pen drives are available via all e-commerce platforms and retail outlets across the India.

Western Digital unveiled SanDisk Dual Drive pen drives for Android smartphones in India:

The San Disk Dual Drive promises to make the data transferring the piece of cake for the Android customers. This feature for both Micro-USB and USB connectors. It is making easier to move the content and manage the files between different devices. Note that the Pen drivers are only compatible with the Android phone that supports the USB with an OTG.

The Western Digital company believes that given the number of sub-RS 10,000 Android phones. It supports the OTG in the market. The Pen drive will come in handy for the fast data transfer to quickly free up storage on their devices.

SanDisk Dual Drive pen drives prices:

Western Digital found that around 60 percent phones users in the country share over the 10 MB of data daily. It is based on a study it conducted. The company is also found that 50 percent customers use data cables or Bluetooth to transfer data from the smartphone to other devices. The San Disk Dual Drive comes in four storage options such as 16 GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128 GB. The pen drives storage options price are Rs 700, Rs 1,150, Rs 2,000 and Rs 3,500.

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San Disk Memory Zone app:

Users for the San Disk Drive will also need to download the accompanying the San Disk Memory Zone app to be able to back up their gallery. It manages the files and media. Western Digital says that now, the redesigned app includes an aggregated view of all content, an integrated video and music player, built-in data compression and decompression capabilities and a new timeline based photo browser.

Additionally, the app also has consumer’s backup photos, content from social media sites like Facebook and Instagram and contacts.

The Managing Director India at Western Digital, Khalid Wani, said “the rising phones penetration in the urban and rural markets. It is an increased need for original data transfer solutions. We endeavour to deliver the best and most reliable products to users.

The recent San Disk Drive is yet another testimony of our commitment to the India users. It is paired with the SanDisk Memory Zone app. We have an excellent solution to help the consumers free up space and manage their videos, photos, and files across their favourite device”.


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