In the Subway Surfers, do you want unlimited keys and unlimited coins in Temple Run or any add-on in an Android App? Then, for you, Freedom App is a must-have app. More than 2.2 Million, there has Android apps and games. Download freedom Apk app by following steps given.

Things to know about Freedom App and steps to download Freedom App

How these apps and games improve all of their investment and make profits, have you ever thought? Into your mind, the first thing came is advertisements. It’s not much worthy for most of the App developers.

So, most of the developer’s implement is. In-App purchases are the alternate way. In-app purchases have carried out in a way in most of the Android apps and games in a way that it has almost necessary to make the in-app purchase. To unlock any particular Player or car and now you want it is almost necessary to make the in-app purchase to unlock any individual Player or car, and now you want to open that particular Player or Car but not willing to pay for it.

Another way is there to make in-app purchases for free, and that has what we will discuss here today. You have to note that, you have to install this Android app, you need to download APK file of this Android app on your smartphone.

Things to know about Freedom Apk app:

Already you have got a rough idea about Freedom app. In making in-app purchases for free, it helps you. Note that, with every Android app or game, Freedom Apk app will not work, but it will work with most of them. So, let us move to features of Freedom app now without wasting a single second.

Freedom Apk features:

For rooted Android phone users, Freedom app is a must-have Android app. It can bypass for free of other Android apps as this app is not helpful to gamers only as well like of PicsArt. So, at all the features of Freedom app for Android let us have a look.

  • You will have able to get coins, gems and other resources free using Freedom app for which you have to pay earlier.
  • In most of the Android apps and games, this app will have to bypass in-app purchases.
  • On your Android phone, get the full versions of any game or app available.
  • With Android version greater than Gingerbread, it has supported by every Rooted Android phone.
  • As it supports most of the Android apps, it updated regularly.
  • To exploit Android apps and games, it uses multiple patches and mods.
  • From most of the installed apps, it can remove ads in your smartphone.

I guess, about Freedom app, you have got enough information. Now, we go for other details like minimum requirements and how you can install this app on your Android phone.

Requirements to Install Freedom Apk:

You should check all minimum requirements required by the app before you go through the installation procedure of Freedom Apk. The requirements to download freedom Apk and to install it has given here.

  • Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)
  • Rooted Android phone.
  • 512 MB RAM.
  • 100MB free internal storage.

Steps to install Freedom Apk:

In your Android phone, it is straightforward to download and install Freedom Apk as it is quite small in size. To split the license verification stuff or in avoiding the In-app purchases of Android applications or games, it will allow you.

Now, in your favourite Android games, if you are one of the game freaks then be prepared to earn the unlimited number of Gold coins, keys and other stuff in your favourite Android games. Here are the steps required to download and install the Freedom app on your Android phone. Given here, how to download freedom Apk and how to install it.

  • Enable the unknown sources option from settings (open settings > security > unknown sources).
install freedom apk
install freedom apk
  • Now, on your Android, download Freedom Apk.
  • On your smartphone, open any File Manager and from that go to the downloads folder or any other folder to which you have downloaded Apk file of Freedom app.
  • Click on install button now by opening the Freedom Apk file.
install freedom apk 4
install freedom apk 4
  • Freedom app will get installed in your smartphone in few seconds.

So, in Your Android phone, you have successfully installed Freedom App. So, now, move on to next section of our article in which we will have to explain in depth and how you can use Freedom app to make in-app purchases for free. In this way, you can download freedom Apk app.

How to make In-app purchases with Freedom Apk?

  • Open the Freedom app on your Android phone from the App Drawer.
  • There has a popup asking for root permissions, grant root permissions to the app by clicking on Grant/Allow button.
  • Now, on your Android smartphone, you will have able to see the list of all the pre-installed apps.
  • From the list, select an Android app in which you want to make in-app purchases for free.
  • On the app name, click and wait for few seconds.
  • Go to the store of that particular app once you required Android app has launched.
  • For every in-app purchase, just click on the buy button.

For every Android app, repeat the above steps in which you want to make free in-app purchases. In Google Play Store, have you got No Connection error while making in-app purchases? Ok, It does not happen with you only.

Video tutorial on how to work Freedom App:

  • In your Android, first, download any file manager which allows you to edit system files like ES File Explorer.
  • Now, Of your Android phone, go to the root directory and look for a folder named as the system.
  • Find the hosts file by opening etc. folder.
  • That host’s file has to have edited and paste below code in it.
  • That file has to have saved and open Application Manager from settings of your Android phone.
  • From the list, select Google Play Store and click on Clear Data button.
  • And now, reboot your Android phone.

Some alternatives to Freedom Apk:

By using Freedom app, though you will have able to crack most of the Android apps and games, in any case, if you need to have Freedom app alternative due to any compatibility issue or any other reason, you can try below apps.

  • Lucky Patcher
  • Creehack
  • AppSara
  • Leo Play Card


So, make in-app purchases for free in your favourite apps and games now and have fun.


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