Suzuki Showcased their New Turbocharged Suzuki Swift Sport in Frankfurt: Here is the way how we describe the Suzuki Swift. It is the car which is light, responsive, and punchy and agile. Automobile makers described the standards of this car when they reviewed it during last year, 2016. However, the Suzuki company revealed cars are creating the great hot hatchback. Finally, Suzuki responded and revealed the new Swift Sport at the 2017Frankfurt Motor Show in 2017.

Suzuki Showcased their New Turbocharged Suzuki Swift Sport in Frankfurt:

The Swift Sport is the Suzuki’s hidden gem, and it has the Suzuki’s range. It offers the larger hot hatchback, but it will enter the market with low price, and it has the rock-bottom.


As per the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show reports, the Suzuki Swift contains the featherweight. It has the lightest version, and the svelte weight is about 890kg. We can get the heaviest mild-hybrid 4×4 model under a ton. However, we can expect the new model car to enter the market with the similar lightweight. This lightweight feature may help us to have the better car handling, and it can give better performance.

Engine of New Turbocharged Suzuki Swift Sport

A 1.4-litre BoosterJet Engine powers the Suzuki Swift Sport. This engine will make it as the first turbocharged Swift Sport.

The engine is same as the one which is in the Suzuki Vitara. To have the more interesting application, Suzuki has made some new revisions to the powertrain to make it new. As a result of this, the engine can deliver the peak power output of about 138bhp. It resembles the Vitara. However, it adds over 80lb ft to the result of the peak torque power. So the total strength of the car is about 170lb ft from 2500-3000rpm.

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Performance of New Turbocharged Suzuki Swift Sport

When we compare the Swift Sport’s character with the previous model, the Suzuki’s turbocharged engine will change the entire look of the Swift Sport. Meanwhile, the increase of torque power will improve the performance level and boosts the acceleration.

While other Swifts’ five-speed version contains the five-speed version, the Suzuki Swift Sport has the six-speed manual transmission. They will soon reveal the full performance figures.

Features of the New Turbocharged Suzuki Swift Sport

The new Swift Sport received the aggressive styling treatment, and we can notice it on the front of the car. A grille has the different shape, and it is lowered and thrust forward. Rather than the standard car’s simple bars, this car contains the wavy mesh. The headlight units also remained same, and the only difference is the new feature line produces the angry look,

We can observe the Swift’s visual modifications as the Suzuki made the yellow paint scheme. It has the new alloy wheel designs.

Inside the car, we can find the red detailing on the dials and dash. Manufacturers placed the sportier flat-bottomed steering wheel features inside the vehicle.

They placed the bolstered sports seats, and they will provide more support than the flat items which are present in the standard cars.


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