Star Wars toys: lego, Hasbro and a few other companies are showing off their Star Wars toys. These are with regard to the Star Wars movie that is to be released by the end of this year.

Star Wars toys are for sale at Force Friday:

The toys are revealed at the Force Friday event. Initially, this was celebrated as the of Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens. Therefore, the First ever and the original Force Friday is this and was in 2015 before Force Awakens was released. However, the main focus of the Force Friday was the sale of stuff in regard to the movie. Therefore, the film’s toy and the action-figure line made the major purchase line. Also, several novels and reference books came into the sale. (star wars toys)

So, for 2017, the Force Friday is planned from the midnight of September 1, 2017. It is scheduled to be available through September 3, 2017.


One of the most talked products of this Forced Friday is BB-9E. While this is said as the evil twin of BB-8, this character occurs in the upcoming Star Wars movie. Because Force Friday is seen as a market where people look for more clues about the upcoming movie. The clues are usually in the toys that are for sale. The structure of the tool and the activities it does can make certain things revealing.

R2-D2 :

After R2-D2 came on screen, it became the most favourite character for many kids. It was like a dream to own an R2-D2 toy and, looks like it is solved now. Sphero has now released the R2-D2 which is the most entertaining toy recently. It is almost seven inches tall and is very functional. It is the toy that you would want to walk on your desk day and night.

This is more of the size of BB-8 and the new BB-9E. So, all these three sitting sides by the side will be the best thing to happen soon.

Jim Silver, the CEO and Editor-in-Chief of review site TTPM, “It’s the largest franchise in the history of the toy business. The people who buy the toys study [them] and look for hints or spoilers that will give them some information about the movie.”


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