SpaceX launched the top-secret X-37B space shuttle into the orbit.

X-37B space shuttle:

SpaceX, the American aerospace manufacturer and space transport services company along with the U.S.Air force was indulged in the mission to launch a space shuttle to the orbit yesterday. However, the space shuttle is a secret one, and the work for the launch was happening for a while. Yesterday, much near to the launch time was the warning for Hurricane Irma in the location of the launch pad. The launch was doubt, therefore. But, SpaceX nailed it. The space shuttle is now successfully in the space. However, the Falcon 9 rocket did its job to the perfection.

The launch of the unmanned X-37B drone:

This launch was scheduled with a Falcon 9 rocket. Also, the rocket is a reusable one. It carries the space drone to the orbit. The launch date was scheduled to be by September 7, 2017.But, there is a warning in the surrounding for a massive storm that is expected to hit the area as soon as Sunday. The unmanned X-37B drone is carrying many small satellites to space.

The launch happened from Florida. This area has a serious threat of hurricane attack, and the warnings are in the air. Still, SpaceX stuck to the launch plan on Thursday. If by any chance, the launch delayed, SpaceX has a window open for launch on Friday too. But, things got lucky on the scheduled Thursday itself.

The X-37B drone into space:

As scheduled, SpaceX completed the launch of the X-37B drone. Around 10:00 am, the Falcon 9 rocket took off from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. It is the fifth launch for SpaceX in support of the U.S. Airforce.

The Air Force said, “The fifth OTV mission continues to advance the X-37B’s performance and flexibility as a space technology demonstrator and host platform for experimental payloads.” They added, “This mission carries small satellite ride shares and will demonstrate greater opportunities for rapid space access and on-orbit testing of emerging space technologies.”

The mission of the drone is said to last for around 270 days.


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