At the 2017 Frankfurt Motor show, the second generation of the (Dacia) Renault Duster has finally made its public debut, and we couldn’t have thought of a better platform than this one.

Second generation Renault Duster finally made public debut at 2017 Frankfurt motor show

It gets a thorough update, and the Dacia to Renault rebadging will plainly see the latter embracing the same plan for its compact SUV. Inside out, it is a fresh design and which is why we are eagerly awaiting its launch in India.

Now, for a while, the Duster has around. Here, it has gone in for a nip and a tuck there over the years but has yet to get a significant upgrade. Well, the second generation of the Renault Duster of Dacia Duster has finally broken cover, having its first public appearance at 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show.

When the rebranding does happen for the Indian subcontinent, we are confident that it will retain these design changes and we know this is a Dacia.

Now, in India, considering the Duster stellar success we are even more confident that Renault will waste no time in having this fresh new Duster to India, Pronto! Now, in this case, the Dacia has said that the exterior has entirely redesigned. We like to say that while the dimension remains and to avoid the hyperbole. On the outside every panel has given stronger more muscular lines, that seems like a smart step forward for the SUV.

The Duster has Renault biggest volume driver:

They have beginning to have dated even though we loved the rounded arches and design. Along the bonnet, the new Duster has a new grille, sharper headlamps and strong design lines. For carved muscular looking wheel arches, on the flakes the flared rounded wheel arches have swapped out.

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The cabin features a new instrument cluster and gets a refresh, centre console and steering wheel. Additionally, on its infotainment system, the Duster also gets a much-needed upgrade that should bring the Duster up to par with the competition. About the engines, while Renault has still tight lipped on offer, it has safe to say that we see nothing wrong with Renault continuing with the 1.5-litre diesel that has their strong suit, to begin with.

The fact that the Duster has Renaults biggest volume driver since its entry as we said early in the story. Next year, in India, we wouldn’t be surprised if Renault brought with a debut scheduled for the 2018  Auto Expo.


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