As the free data offers are over, the Reliance Jio 4G speeds are now rising, says a new blog post by OpenSignal. Also, as the 4G speeds in India, the company has so far ranked Airtel and had rated Jio network as the slowest in the country, averaging download speeds of 3.9 Mbps in July 2017.

Reliance Jio 4G speeds rising now as the free data offers over

OpenSignal says Jio speeds have increased by 50 percent now in a new blog spot. For India, OpenSignal will soon release its second state of Mobile Networks report.

In Jio case it had topped the reliance jio 4G network availability chart in their India analysis, the company states but the rise in user base came at the cost of network speed. In India, Reliance Jio has already managed to cross 100 million users in just a year after the official launch.

With JioPhone, the number could go up to roll out soon. The new phone is a 4G VoLTE feature phone and could help the Mukesh Ambani network acquire more users.

The biggest negative of all those free data offer has that the LTE network speeds for Jio have not as high as OpenSignal points out in their blog post. Once the free data offers came to an end, OpenSignal notes this has changed, and customers have expected to have a recharge for the services.

“In April, most of Jio freebie plans ended, and clients found themselves paying for their data services. The result: Jio speeds have increased – not just increased, they have skyrocketed,” the blog post reads.

The rise in speed has almost 50 percent: Reliance Jio 4G Speeds

The speeds have around 4.3 Mbps on average by April June this has increased to 5.4 Mbps while in January-March according to OpenSignal. Jio speeds stand at 5.8 Mbps for the May-July period according to the company.

On April 1, OpenSignal data show that with the end of reliance Jio free data offers, there has a steady rise in average 4G speed till the end of July. According to OpenSignal, this is an unusual trend, and the increase in speed has almost 50 percent.

For the rise, the blog post notes the reason could also have that Jio upgraded the network to feed its customer base, that has enormous and entirely on 4G LTE. But, after the free data offer ended, it adds the other reason can have that the clients might have left the network.

The customers can’t just go all out with data consumption the other reason has with paid service and have controlled their surfing habits. For this rise in speed, OpenSignal says a combination of factors. Interestingly, on their analysis, it also adds that based “Jio network has one of the more technologically robust LTE systems in India,” but customers could not get the full potential due to the intense competition for bandwidth.


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