Peggy Whitson, NASA Returned to Earth after spending 665 days in Space: Only a few days completed after the election of Donald Trump as president. One astronaut named Peggy Whitson got a higher position in respect to the NASA for the International Space Station. After completing the two hundred and eighty-eight days on the space, she returned to the ground. She spent most of her time in space and she presented in the space for 665 days.

Peggy Whitson, NASA Returned to Earth after spending 665 days in Space:

NASA astronaut Jack Fischer & Russian cosmonaut Fyodor Yurchikhin joined her in the mission to the ISS. She landed in Kazakhstan at 9:21 pm Eastern time. Whitson came in the Soyuz capsule which sent back the Fischer and Yurchikhin back to the ISS in April.

In Soyuz MS-04 spacecraft, three astronauts occupied the three seats just before the 6 pm. Their total journey time is about three hours and 24 minutes. In that place, Soyuz smashed over the Earth’s atmosphere, and its speed is more than 500 miles per hour.

The full statement from NASA on her mission follows below.

Here is the full statement that the NASA has delivered:

Peggy Whitson left home from the past nine months and finally return to the Earth on Saturday, September 2nd, 2017. She cancelled the new conference due to the impact of the Hurricane Harvey at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston. Even though she participated in the Associated Press’s Marcia Dunn interview as the press tool representative.

The Russian Space Agency Roscosmos planned to land at 9:22 pm EDT in Kazakhstan at 9:22 pm. A team contains the Expedition 52 crewmates Jack Fischer of NASA and Fyodor Yurchikhin. NASA Television will cover the entire departure and landing videos.Here are the questions that are in the mind of the people:

Here are the questions that are in the mind of the people:

How did she feel when she is spent the 9 and half months period in space? Is she got thrilled when she returned to Earth or felt sad to leave the home orbit in the starting stage? What are her experiences?

For the questions, she replied that at first, the flight went very quickly. She did not feel the same in this flight when she compared it with her previous journies. Initially, she worried and later convinced herself.

She said everything is fine, but the friends and co-workers got impacted. The entire team strived hard to keep the mission control running. It is the most amazing thing.

What they missed most about Earth? What do they want to eat?

Flush toilets. Trust me; you don’t want to know the details. Their team faced the problems with flush toilets, eatables and especially her favourite pizza.

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What will you miss most in space?

Things they missed:

They lost the freedom to float, and they can’t move everywhere as the gravity is negligible in space.

The team missed the Earth’s peaceful limb. In space, she thinks about the exploring new avenues that are not accomplished on Earth.

Mostly, she missed the incredible sense of pride, gratitude, satisfaction which she will get while working with the NASA team.

What she revealed after returning to Earth?

She had good crewmates, and in space, they lived as the family. They worked combinedly and engaged themselves on the complex, technical and even on dangerous works.

The challenging events are the leaking of SCU (umbilical for the space suit). Before the starting of EVA, it got leaked. During the beginning stage, they encountered several problems.

Then the Thomas Pesquet and the ground team took some heroic effects and served the suit IV and made it work correctly.

How is this flight different from her previous two flights? How long did she envision herself to stay in space?

This resistive exercise is entirely different and better than her recent versions. It provided them with the fitness and helped them to build the bone and muscle perspective.


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