Samsung Bixby voice assistant: Now, Samsung’s virtual Assistant Bixby voice is available for users in India, the Samsung Company said on Friday. The Samsung arrival of Bixby, the plan is for which the Samsung shared earlier this month.

The Bixby features to intensify the battle for AI-powered digital assistants. Google has its digital Assitant; Apple also has Siri, Amazon has Alexa and Microsoft has Cortana. It is also set to be unveiled in the India later this year.

Now, Samsung Bixby voice assistant is available in India:

The South Korea electronics company, it assumes the tentpole position among the makers of the phone by both brand value and volume. They said it had put months of rigorous efforts at its Research and Development centres in Bangalore. It is the largest Research and development facility outside the South Korea, to understand and adapt to the Indian dialects and contexts.

The Samsung Company said, it has toughly backed in support for the various Indian accents. It’s letting even those users who have to opt for the English language.

Samsung India Senior Vice President statement:

The Senior Vice President of Mobile Business, Samsung India Mr Asim Warsi said in press statement “ Keeping in mind the diversity of Indian accents and our commitment to “Make for India”. The Bixby has been optimised to understand the Indian accents.

Bixby, it was unveiled across several European and US markets earlier this year. It offers four essential features to the users, the ability to talk to the Bixby. To using this, you can take pictures and let it make sense on it. Use Bixby to set reminders and receive the recommendation for the products, foods and things to read.

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The virtual assistant offers the “Quick Commands” feature. It allows to customers to create the custom voice commands to use place of the sequence of one or more commands. The Samsung Company said, for example, you can use the command “good night” as a shortcut for the “Turn on Do-not-disturb mode, set the alarm for 6.00AM and turn on the blue light filter”.

List of Samsung devices get Bixby:

The Samsung Bixby assistant is unlike the Google and Siri assistant. It does not work with the wide range of smartphones. Now, only the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus and Galaxy Note 8 smartphones offer this Bixby functionality. The Samsung recently launched Samsung Galaxy J7 Plus featuring the Bixby Home app. Samsung manufactured Android smartphones also support an Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Microsoft Cortana.

Apple Siri:

The limited target audiences for the Bixby might emerge as the roadblock in its growth. In India Apple has shown some commitment to enhancing the Siri’s reachability. It is adding diction support for the handful of the local language including the Hindi. From the Apple iOS 11 is the latest mobile operating system.

It is expected to roll out later this month. It will introduce the support. The Amazon is planning to bring the Alexa with the Eco Dot smart-speaker later this year in India.


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