Apple iPhone 8: Apple’s annual fall product event is on Tuesday, 12th September 2017. It is a new campus in Cupertino, Calif. We all expect to see a new iPhone, new Apple TV, new Apple Watch. The final details are about the Apple Company’s answer to Alexa and Sonos, Homepage.

List of super-serious Apple iPhone 8 features:

In the meantime, here are a few things are shown in below:

1) Pay homage to the iPod with a physical click wheel

Based on the mainstream media (#fakenews), the next iPhone will no longer have the home button. Pushing the screen all the way to edge of the iPhone to make it the look sleek and modern. But what happened to the Apple that dared to think different? We say, load up the front of the mobile phone with more buttons or even the iPod-style click wheel. If there’s  a fresh enough TV ad, the Apple faithful will still purchase it.

2) Update Apple Maps with a new voice:

The voice of the substitute teacher played by the Keegan Michael-Key on the “Key & Peele. The one who can not pronounce the names like “Blake” and “Aaron”. Nothing short of having the voice mispronounces. All the streets on the drive to work will make the switch away from the Google Maps.

3) Bring back Flappy Bird:

In 2014, the decision was to pull Flappy Bird from the App Store. It was not Apple’s to make. The game is still available on the Apple servers. Anyone who wants to download the game and has since set up the new phone can attest. If the Apple company intends to make the splash this product event. The obvious solution is for the Craig Federighi? It to conduct an unholy summoning the ritual from the stage of the Steve jobs Theater. The resurrecting Flappy Bird from the dead and turning into one of those apps you cannot delete.

4) Support Adobe Flash:

It is ten years since the first Apple iPhone came out the market. It should have been sufficient time to figure this one out. These are time to lean into the future and support the Adobe Flash on the iPhone.

5) Bring back the headphone jack:

Okay, wait, everything else on the list is a headphone jack. For real, please bring back the headphone jack.


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