Google officially opened the Drive File Stream and made it available to all its users. The company stated that it is going to mark the eventual death of Drive, especially for Mac and Drive. They are going to kill it mainly for the PC clients.

Google is going to introduce the Drive File Stream as the replacement to Drive for Mac and PC:

It also said that with the official launch of Drive File stream they would officially disapprove the Google Drive for Mac and PC. They stated that they would thoroughly disapprove it from December 11th, 2017. Google will shut it down completely from March 12th, 2018.

Admins can see the settings related to the Drive File Steam. The process to see the settings is go to the apps and then click on G Suite and then tap on Drive. Later, click on the Docs and Data Access. However, the settings will not get the impact until September, 26th, 2017. On that day, the manufacturers will make the Drive File Stream available to the users.

Google will unveil the Drive File System on March 9th, 2017. It will permit the users to browse the Drive files directly to the computer. We can access them from the desktop, and there is no need to store them locally.

Instead of using the Drive for the Mac and PC, Google is allowing the users to use the Drive File Stream as per the leaks. Customers can also work with Backup and Sync, and the Google explained it as the ‘new version of Drive which is essential for Mac and PC’.

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If the users are using both the Drive File Stream, Backup and Sync on the computer, then the Google will give us the message. It will advise us to cancel the usage of Sync in between the Drive, Backup and Sync. This information also had its impact on the Team Drives.

Team Drive Editors:

They could not use the Team Drive Files when we open them in Drive File Stream. Team Drive Editors can only view them. We have to open the files in Drive on the web to edit the files.

Again during October 2017, Google will remind us at the end of Drive life dates.


  • Google is going to start the Drive File Stream, and it is the replacement for the Drive which we use for the Mac and PC.
  • The Drive for Mac and PC support is going to end on December 11th, 2017. Google will completely shut down the Drive service from March 12th, 2018.
  • Team Drive editors cannot edit the Team Drives which are present in the Drive File Stream. It is essential for Team Drive editors to use the Drive, web client.


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