Google Flights Collaborated with Cleartrip: Google Flights which is flight search application is trying to expand itself fastly in the growing airline market in India. It is six years old from the American, internet giant.

Google Flights Collaborated with Cleartrip in India for having Advancement in Expansion

The company recently tied up with the online portal Cleartip. It is the fourth time that it agreed with other services. In 2015, Google unveiled this application in India. Recently, it partnered with the airlines Jet Airways, Vistara and with the travel portal After the completion of these three deals, it collaborated with the Cleartip.

However, by 2020, the Indian travel market will grow its revenue to $48 billion. It can achieve the huge profits with its largest contributor, Air Travel. Many officials expect that it will expand nearly 15 percent and may earn up to $30 billion. Vikas Agnihotri is the industry director in the Google India. He said that this partnership would aid the Google and this step is useful to Google. It will help to extend the offerings and facilitates the users with another way. This way may help people to plan their journey conveniently.

Their primary Intention Behind Collaboration

Balu Ramachandran is the head of the Air and Distribution at the ClearTrip. While confirming the partnership, he said that now they will show the Cleartip flight inventories and their costs on the Google platform. They stated that they would soon make the ClearTip information available to the customers on the Google platform.

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In 2011, after owning the ITA software which worth $700 million, Google unveiled the application globally. This ITA software is the metasearch engine, and it will list all the airlines and online travel portals inventories details. It will permit the transactions to occur in between the customers and the suppliers.

Google Flights Collaborated with Cleartrip

Google Flight’s innovation is to authorise the open-ended searches to the clients. They will allow the searches rely on the criteria. For example, people can search for flights which are located within their time range and budget. They can choose different destination options. After selecting the destination point, the application calculates the prices are taking everything into consideration. It will consider the amount that is present on that particular day in that year by checking it in the graph or on the table.

Google Flights Advantages

It will permit the suppliers in its list to get the ownership of the customer. The meaning of this is that the suppliers will charge the insurance tariffs and all. They even retain the intelligence and data regarding the travel and the customers booking patterns. It does not take place if we are booking the tickets via OTA (Online Travel Agency).

Google Flights Application Customers

India is the fastest developing sector among the Internet markets. It has nearly 400 million online users and contains over 300 million smartphone customers.
Officials are assuming that it will have nearly 650 million users who are using the online and 500 million smartphone users.
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