On Monday, the Music products company announced to unveil of the FiiO new three products in India. The FiiO company unveiled its F5 earphones, FiiO X3 Mark III portable music more play, and i1 Apple Lightning Amplifier and DAC.

FiiO new three Products launched in India – FiiO X3 Mark III, F5 and i1:

The prices of the FiiO X3 Mark III music player at Rs 14,990, F5 earphones at Rs. 4,999 and i1 Apple Lightning Amplifier & DAC at Rs. 2,990. All three music products are available for the purchase from the own company websites.

FiiO X3 Mark III Music Player:

The company says FiiO X3 Mark III music player is the third generation of the music player. This will comes with improved design and hardware specifications. This music player has a five-button, and scroll wheel layout makes the return. The new portable player comes with a “sandwich” structure. It makes it look much thinner as per the FiiO company says.

The new portable music player supports a Bluetooth 4.1 and a dual-mode Bluetooth. This player also supports a Multifunction Line Out/Coaxial Output with the assistance a DoP and D2P. The FiiO company said, in releases event. Regarding the color options, customers will have the choice between Graceful Black and Red.

The inherits of the design language of the previous FiiO X-series players with the “sandwich” structure. The music player looks thinner balanced output for the broader soundstage. It also supports a Multifunction Line Out/Coaxial Output, dual DACs, and dual-mode Bluetooth support. The player also has a multifunction line out/coaxial output with a support a DoP and D2P.

F5 Earphone:

The FiiO Company said, “F5 Earphone is designed to be detachable with the MMCX connector. It comes standard with the single-enabled audio cable with an inline control. The F5 Earphones also has a 2.5mm balanced cable. It gives the freedom to suit your sound signature preference. The FiiO f5 earphones are a Hi-Res Audio certification by the Japan Audio Society. The F5 earphones can adequately reproduce the audio that is faithful and natural.”

FiiO i1 Apple Lightning Amplifier and DAC:

The FiiO i1 is the DAC (digital-to-analogue) converter and headphone amplifier. It has been designed for the Lightning connector that comes on the Apple devices. The company said on releases event “the digital audio signal enters to the Lightning connector end. It can be connected to the Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod and other apple products also. The analogue audio signal pushes out through the 3.5mm headphone output. The FiiO i1 automatically detects if you are using the standard headphone or one with inline controls”.


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