Windows 10 new update is on its way.

‘Fall Creators Update’ for Windows 10:

Microsoft has announced that the Fall Creators Update’ for Windows 10 will roll out very soon. The talk was there for a while now, and the confirmation is here now. Now, the release date for this update is being revealed now. It gains the necessary focus because of this it is one of the big updates that is happening, and there are a lot of things that will see a change after this update.

The release date of the new update:

The release date for the future major update was announced through a blog post from Microsoft. It is mentioned that the release of the next update will be on October 17, 2017. There are a lot of new updates that will happen with the Operating system after the new update.

New features in the update:

This new update for Windows 10 comes with Virtual Reality (VR) and mixed reality support. If you are a stylus user, this comes with new inking tools. This stylus can be used to draw directly on PDF files. One more appealing feature in the new update is the new 3D features for the Photos app.

If you are a gamer, the new gaming mode is what the new update brings for you. This limits background tasks for better game performance. The blog post says this mode will let the “games to use the full processing power of your device as if it was an Xbox game console.”

Mixed reality:

It is said that there is a lot of work put in to provide mixed reality and accessibility. Terry Myerson, the Microsoft’s executive vice president in charge of Windows, has said, “We’re enabling you to immerse yourself in a new reality – mixed reality.” If you are confused about what is the mixed reality, this is the term used by Microsoft to mention the software the covers the mixing of Virtual reality and the augmented reality.

It is said that the new features of the Windows 10 will reduce the processing time taken and will enhance the performance of the system at a visible range. The update will be rolled out soon.


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