Social media and media have said for the past few days that the world would end on September 23rd. But, the scientists saying that the theme of the end of the world will be wrong. The predictions will come to Earth on the planet Nibiru on September 23rd, and it will cause the end of the world. Is earth ends on September 23?

Does the forecast become real and earth ends on September 23?

In fact, as the ultimate earth creator, since 1970, stories have the port yard. According to the export predictions of Nibiru, Nibiru has forced to land in 2003. But, certain specialised powers of the non-interface has put the end of the world to 2012.

On the planet, researchers have repeatedly assured the world that the globe will have able to collapse. NASA declared that such stories including Nibir, are Internet hacks in 2012 because there was no such planet.

NASA said in a statement that “If Nibiru or any such planet has come to earth, it would have here. At least it could have done with the naked eye. Because these planets are just a few decades old for predictions for the Earth coming.”

The Bible contains some indications of the end of the world, some people think. On September 23rd, it has argued that the stars and the stars of the sun and the moon, Leo, and the stars of the day will have predicted.

Positions of sun and moon come in a particular order every year in September and October:

However, these arguments do not exist according to astrology. The posts of the sun and the moon come in a particular order every year in September and October. Anthony Aeneini of the University of Colgate shows that there has no point in this in 2017.

He has not recognised in Hebrew astronomy at the time of the new covenant of the Bible and studies ancient philosophy of science. He points out the passion for such stories is thousands of years old. So, still, the earth has to face many attacks of their organisms and extraterrestrials.

Earth will have subject to an enormous amount of air on September 23, 2017, from another planet. To the sky, the earth waters will rise and underneath to the bottom of the earth. Everything will disappear including the living things and plants of the earth today, will go.

Since, the end of the world, it has a long time that some of the creatures in the sea are left alive on earth.


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