Devotees will Start Celebrating 2017 Dussehra festival from September 21st and ends on September 30th: Dussehra means that which removes ten sins from us. It is the time before which, after the rainy season, most of the disease afflicts people. When they have fought against them successfully for ten days-each days being an ordeal-a feeling of expectancy fills the air, and everyone looks forward with eagerness to the coming season of festivities. The first of these is Dussehra.

Devotees will Start Celebrating 2017 Dussehra festival from September 21st and ends on September 30th

Like other festivals, Dussehra will represent the triumph of good which we did over the evils. People will celebrate it in different ways across the country. We will celebrate this festival for ten days and nights. Devotes will call this first nine nights as the ‘Navaratri’. During these days, they will worship all aspects of Durga in some regions. Along with Durga, they will worship the Goddess Lakshmi and Saraswati in these Navaratri. Ramlila dominates the Dussehra in the north India. There are vivid enactments of episodes regarding the burning of effigies of Ravana and the triumph of Rama in the Ramayana.

The Story Behind the Celebration of Dussehra:

We all know the story behind this festival from our earliest Epic, the Ramayana. The great Prince Rama and his younger brother Prince Lakshmana went to rescue Princess Sita who had been kidnapped by the demon-king Ravana of Lanka. They are aided by the monkey General Hanuman and his army of monkeys and bears.

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For ten long days, they raged the battle fiercely. At the last day, the Prince Rama will kill the Meghnath who is the Ravana’s son and the KUmbhkarna, Ravana’s brother. Finally, the Prince Rama is the winner in the battle. At last, the Sita will be rescued. She stays united with her husband and returns to their place Ayodhya.

The annual enactment of the Ramayana is the result of much devotion and enthusiastic planning. As soon as the rains are over and the harvest cut and stored, everyone begins preparations for the play.

In villages, the panchayat (village council) collects money from each household for its local mandala ( the group of players). The mandala begins rehearsing the actors, preparing costumes, and other properties-crowns, masks for the monkey-and bear-soldiers or the demons of King Ravana’s army, and bows and arrows. They also erect a stage in the village maiden.

2017 Dussehra Festival

During this festive season, the people will schedule the major events relating to the Ramayana story. On the final day, they will light the three huge bamboo and paper effigies of Meghnath, Ravana and Kumbhkarna. They will fire them by stuffing the paper images with the firecrackers. Individuals will burn them till the huge figures fell. This scenario will again prove that the great Prince Rama overcome against the wicked rakshasas.


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