Craig Fedegrihi becomes the head of Siri development.


The personal assistant that is quite intelligent from Apple is Siri. It is Siri that makes the life of a lot of iPhone users better. Voice queries will be answered and assisted in the most efficient way that is possible by Siri. It came as a separate app and was acquired by Apple after a while. Since then, Siri is part and parcel to the iOS users.

Siri came with the iPhone 4 in 2011. The separate app that was having Siri till then was removed from the Apple app store just because it came incorporated already. Siri was not celebrated initially as now. There were several mixed reviews on Siri which then took a better shape day by day. Today, Siri is like the personal reminder, a sort of assistant anyone could have.

Craig Fedegrihi – Head of Siri:

Craig Fedegrihi was taking care of iOS, MacOS and Siri. Recently, the news has gone official after Apple update their leadership page. Now, Craig Fedegrihi is taking up the leadership of Siri development efforts.

Craig Fedegrihi:

For all these years, Eddy Cue was responsible for Siri and many other services from Apple. The talk of Craig getting a prominent post started from the WWDC 2017. Craig was the one on stage to talk about improvements to Siri in iOS 11. He also covered a few other areas in his talks.

Competitors of Siri:

The company believes that the change of the leadership should help in a good development of Siri in the coming days. Siri ruled the voice assistant post when there were any huge competitors on the track. But now, there are a lot of competitors in the field including Amazon and Google.

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Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana and Google’s voice assistant are doing a great job too in the field. However, Apple is the opener of this trend and till date stands tall. They are doing the necessary to stick to the throne and yes, keeping what they have got is not easy.

With all that news about Siri, there is the additional reminder that Apple is about to unveil its iPhone 8 on September 12, 2017.


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