Apple 4K HDR Movies and TV shows: Apple has started to roll out the 4K high dynamic range (HDR) content TV shows and movies. The iTunes in the United States and select other countries. The Apple TV 4K has gone up for pre orders in these countries. Still now, in India, the Apple iTunes Store doesn’t offer movies in 4K. And it doesn’t offer TV shows also.

Apple started to roll out Apple 4K HDR Movies and TV shows in US iTunes Stores:

Based on reports, on Thursday the TV shows and movies in the 4K resolution featuring support for the HDR (Dolby Vision). It had started to appear on the local iTunes Store. Early this morning the Apple TV 4K is going up for pre orders in the United states.

Apple executive Eddy Cue said an event, the titles that are available in the 4K have the “Dolby Vision” and “4K” tags denoted the next to their names. These are making it easier for the people to be aware of the country quickly. What they are starting at is available in the 4K or not, these titles that do become available in 4K. The 4K will be available as for the free upgrade to those who had bought them in full-HD. The 4K is earlier from the iTunes stores.

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In India, the iTunes store doesn’t have the 4K titles available yet. It is probably because the Apple TV 4K is not available on sale in India. The Apple company has not shared a firm unveil date in India for the Apple TV 4K. Now, the Apple Company is sticking with soon.

The Apple Company is a decision to embrace the 4K technology. Now it is to gain much ground in the market. It cloud make the format more popular among the users. It’s only selected streaming devices like Roku Ultra, Microsoft’s Xbox One S, and Nvidia Shield TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Google Chromecast Ultra support the content in 4K.



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