Everything has going to change for iPhone 8, how you picture an iPhone, how you use them, how you unlock them and even much you must pay. For Apple in many ways, it is a game changing device, but the new information has also highlighted its biggest cancellation.

About new iPhone 8 “Feature Cancellation” :

The iPhone 8 come with a fingerprint reader built into the display for the months leak after the leak revealed but suddenly it disappeared. Apple couldn’t have the technology perfected in time for its 2017 flagship, and it feature cancellation has cancelled just like Samsung before it.

It’s Face ID facial recognition system has doubled down consequently, dropping Touch ID entirely. A new patent uncovered by AppleInsider shows Apple remains hard at work perfecting the technology while the phone will miss out.

“Active sensing element for acoustic imaging systems,” US Patent No. 9,747,488 has titled that illustrates a method of reading a fingerprint for authentication through ultrasonic detection. An acoustic pulse, this acoustic system sends that can pass through a second layer, and this has reflected back to piezoelectric transducers that determine the image of whatever object has touched the substrate.

Its ridges and valleys create different acoustic boundaries in the case of fingerprints allowing them to have told apart. To regulating the technology, the patent also breaks down Apple approach which it acknowledges can require high voltages.

For each unit creating an “active sensor,” it would tightly control the drive signal.  But Apple is close to mastering the technology; the phone won’t get one – something that must have a frustrating disappointment given its potential as a differentiator.

iPhone 8 comes with “Face ID”:

For Apple, as such the obvious target will have next year iPhone upgrade, a Plus model of which was expected to carry a display as large as 6.46 inches. In a strange position, the generational slip does put Apple whereby Touch ID disappears for a single generation.

iPhone 8 had Face ID recognition that works better than Samsung erratic implementation in the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. That struggles in bright sunlight, low light and when wearing glasses or sunglasses.

Anyway, then Apple, Samsung had played safer because both the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus remain their fingerprint sensors as a fallback.

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I suspect it is something most likely owners can forgive if the iPhone 8 lives up to its extensive feature breakdown. So, this iPhone 8 won’t be cheap, and there is now no doubt Apple is also gambling an even higher price with this controversial exclusion.



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