Tim Cook is the Apple’s Chief Executive officer, and he said that he wouldn’t felt impatience during the first stage. Thier primary intention is to deliver something that makes the customers feel that they had the huge difference in their lives. During his statement, he spoke about the launch of HomePod. Amazon pioneered the Apple’s late entrance with their smart speaker. Tim Cook talked about its next iPhone.

What are the new features in iPhone 8:

iPhone 8 New Features
iPhone 8 New Features
People had many expectations on the new smartphones. They are expecting more as the Apple is releasing it for the 10th anniversary. They included the ecosystem of apps and accessories in it. Manufacturers added the more perfecting features in it as they are already got ready to rival other devices.

Apple taught to build the new iPhone to compete with other devices and to make it capable enough to spur widespread adoption. At present, there are more than 1.2 billion users for iPhone which the retailers sold in the last decade.

However, many companies made the follow-and-perfect model. For example, social media startup Snap released many photo features on the Facebook, but no one can do as good as the Apple.

iPhone 8 Display:

Apple iPhone 8
Apple iPhone 8

The next iPhone contains the seamlessly mesh screen and possesses the charging technologies. Some other manufacturers invented the Apple innovations regarding the 3D face scanner. Within few hundred milliseconds, this feature will unlock the phone.

Apple is trying to unveil the three new phones which are the successors to the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, and their revamped model will become the high-end model. They will make the upgrade like installing the faster processors. But they will flex their best in the new iPhone 8. However, they already attempted some trails on the new phone.

Two Noticeable Modifications:

Smartphone makers used the OLED technology. This technology will make the screen to have the better colour reproduction, and it will have the deeper blacks and whites. The screen will occupy the entire part of the phone. At the top of the phone, we can notice the thinner bezels, notch at the top. They designed the front in such a way that we can fit the camera and new sensors in it. There is no home button and resembles the popular Samsung’s S8 and Essential Phone.
Another modification is regarding the new features. The code strings will spotlight the accidentally released software package which is present in the upcoming HomePad. In that, we have the ability to tap the phone’s screen to will make it work and there is the inductive charging facility.

Tap to Wake Feature:

Apple made the tap to wake feature available to the users on the Android phones for several years. In 2009 with the Palm Pre launch, they made the inductive charging option to appear in the customer handsets. In 2015, Apple entered the market with its Apple Watch Charger.

Software-based Control Area to replace the home button:

Still, the Apple is trying to bring few more modifications into the light. The company is working to create the software-based controls area and wanted to facilitate it at the bottom of the phone. They are trying to make it as it replaces the home button. It would be the step-up feature from the basic controls mainly on the home button-less Android phones.

Two Rear Cameras:

The new device contains the two rear cameras same as the iPhone 7 Plus. Smartphone makers will place it one on top and the other on the side. This configuration will make the augmented reality apps to work better.


We can see more upgrades in this iPhone, and it will have the more efficient 10nm processor. The new iPhone’s crown jewel features the 3-D facing scanning sensor, and it will unlock the device.


In the coming days, the new iPhone will inevitably create the massive records. Many of its customers started giving the assurance that the Apple will deliver its signature performance and elegance on the new device.


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