An essential air pimples known as Blackheads can appear on any part of your body and has especially frustrating to deal with. Try some of the successful treatments to clean your skin and stop the formation of the pesky dark spots if you are looking to remove your blackheads.

You can have the clear skin you have always wanted with some easy adjustments to your skin care regimen.

What are Blackheads? How to Remove Blackheads (Zit)

What are Blackheads
What are Blackheads

Don’t pick or pop your blackheads:

Adds more dirt and the bacteria to your pores if you use your fingers to try to remove blackheads actually and makes your blackhead filed skin worse. Even though it is difficult, avoid touching your skin and removing your blackheads with force at all times.

On your skin, it leads to bumps or even leads to scars.

Try to use honey and cinnamon:

Honey works to pull out dirt from your open pores as honey is a natural antibiotic. In the 1 ½ teaspoon of cinnamon just mix a tablespoon of honey and use your fingers to dab it onto your dry skin.

For three minutes rub in a circular motion and then wash off with warm water. Before you start applying the mask, make sure to wash your hands.

Try a lemon and salt exfoliant:

With the scrubbing effects of salt helps, the purifying qualities of lemon mixed to remove all the grime buried deep in your pores. With a tablespoon yoghurt, mix lemon juice, a tablespoon of salt, and a bit of honey.

For 2 to 3 minutes, use this to scrub your blackhead prone areas and then rinse with the warm water.


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