Astronauts in ISS are supplied with tons of ice creams by NASA. SpaceX’s dragon delivers the goods to the astronauts.

SpaceX sends the 12th CPS for NASA; Ice creams joins the other goods:

SpaceX sends the 12th CPS for NASA
SpaceX sends the 12th CPS for NASA

SpaceX has been doing some missions for NASA in the mean time. Therefore, the dragons from SpaceX has been going to and fro with the equipment for the International Space Station.

It is the 12th Commercial Resupply mission for NASA from SpaceX. Therefore, it is called as CRS-12. Also, the weight of the goods that were delivered to the ISS is about 6,400 pounds. Most of this is scientific cargo for the research out there. But, it also has to be mentioned that the astronauts have received a sweet treat as gratitude for all their hard work. So, the add-on is ice cream for the astronauts.

Ice creams to Space:

As reported by NPR, 30 individual Bluebell ice cream cups and some Snickers ice cream bars have been sent to the ISS by NASA through the CRS-12. The cream treat for the astronauts is for the hard work. Also, there is a box of Birthday cake flavoured ice cream. Oh yeah! U.S. astronaut Randolph Bresnik celebrates his 50th birthday on September 11, 2017, and there goes the ice cream that is flavoured with a birthday cake.

The Dragon capsule has already got settled in the space with the astronauts.

Other goods in the CRS-12:

Not just ice creams, otherwise the dragon has taken a lot of necessities. The total weight is around 6,400 pounds. There are 20 mice in the cargo. They have had peaceful travel along with the ice cream. They play the part where the long-term effects of weightlessness are observed.

SpaceX and NASA:

It has been a month that a capsule was sent by SpaceX for NASA. They have sent a series of capsule deliveries into space in the past. It is the last capsule as the agreement calls it. Here ends the SpaceX – NASA agreement for supplies to space. But, because all the supplies that were sent so far from SpaceX for NASA are a success, the agreement might be renewed.

While asked about their relationship with SpaceX, NASA acting administrator Robert Lightfoot said, “We are getting to space a little differently than we used to. It’s not just us anymore by ourselves. We’ve got a great partnership with SpaceX. We’ve got a great partnership with Orbital ATK.”


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