On Wednesday Sony introduced its new home theatre system HT-RT40. The HT-RT40 with has a surround sound system.

Sony unveiled the New Home Theatre System HT-RT40: Specifications and its price:

New Home Theatre System HT-RT40
New Home Theatre System HT-RT40

The premium home theatre system contains a feature 5.1 channel. This home theatre system has a surround sound, and it has a power output of 600Watts.

Sony HT-RT40 specifications:

The Sony company said this home theatre has the sound bar delivers the sound. The sound is coming from the “Tall boy” and rear speakers. The dedicated external subwoofer is also there in the home theatre. The external subwoofer is working with the 3-channel sound bar. It delivers the surround sound like theatre sound.

Coming to the connectivity part, the HT-RT40 contains the NFC and Bluetooth. Users can connect their device to this system for streaming music.

The HT-RT40 also contains a “Music Center.” This feature helps to the user browse the music via their smartphones.

Another specification of the HT-RT40 is USB port and an HDMI out. It can also be synced with the Bravia TVs.

The HT-RT40 also has some features like a digital amp for delivering high-frequency ranges, “S-Master HX’ and “ClearAudio+.” These automatically adjust the TV volume settings.

The price of the Sony HT-RT40 in India:

The price of the Sony new home theatre system in India is Rs 22,990.

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