PlayStation and Xbox owners may be able to play against each other. The talks are in the air.


Sony interactive ENtertainment made gaming a lot more interesting with the PlayStation series. The PlayStation original console is the one and the very first one to sell 100 million units. This happened right after nine years of its initial launch. This explains the importance of the PlayStation devices in the gaming environment. The PlayStation 4 was sold around 100 million units in 24 hours of its launch, and it tagged as the fast selling console in the history.


As dedicated as PlayStation is for gaming, so is the Xbox. Xbox is from Microsoft. This is another console for gaming which came a little after PlayStation. Xbox came in 2001 and is doing a great job. The recent release of Xbox was in 20132. Next, comes the Xbox One X in this November and is claimed as the most efficient gaming console of the history of gaming.

Exclusive games and the common ones:

There are several games that come with a tag that it is exclusive to Xbox or PlayStation. Same time, there are plenty of common games. These games are released for both Xbox and PlayStation.

It is obvious that majority of the gamers own either a PlayStation or a Xbox. This makes it impossible to co-play in case the gamer and his friend has different consoles. This has always been an issue. Though the games are common, the multiplayer game cannot be connected to a PlayStation owner and a Xbox Owner.


Xbox is now taking a step to unite the gamers. Microsoft seems to try ways to connect with PlayStation.

Microsoft marketing manager Aaron Greenberg said, “We’re talking to Sony.” As Microsoft claims, there are absolute talks with Sony about allowing PlayStation owners to play against Xbox players. Greenberg added, “We do partner with them on Minecraft, and of course we would like to enable them to be part of that one community, to unite gamers. So we’re talking to them, and we’re hopeful that they’ll be supportive of it.”



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