Mahesh Kathi VS Pawan Kalyan: Mahesh Kathi is the self-proclaimed critic, and he becomes familiar with the Big Boss Show. Even after the completion of the show, he is trying to maintain the same popularity by commenting on the fans of star heroes.

Mahesh Kathi VS Pawan Kalyan: Kathi is going to Register a Complaint on PK

Previously, Mahesh delivered the big interview on the YouTube channel. In that, he said that he never felt Pawan Kalyan as the excellent actor. He stated that he is trying to bank upon the craze that he had among the fans.

Mahesh Katti did not stop his conversation there itself; he even criticised the Pawan Kalyan political standards and Janasena. He said that Pawan wouldn’t do anything other than the tweets and public meetings. Finally, his comments brought the irritation to the Powerstar Pawan Kalyan fans. They started rivalling on Mahesh Katti with their tweets and warning messages.

Mahesh irritated and said that he would file the case on the fans who are urging him. He even asked the star heroes to keep their fans in control.

Mahesh Katti is going to register the complaint on the PK, not on fans:

Mahesh Katti said that he would file the complaint on Pawan Kalyan. His comments brought the massive storm to him. Katti stated that he is not in a stage to bear the comments more and he decided to register the complaint on the Pawan Kalyan. He confidentially said that he wouldn’t give the claim on the fans, but on PK.

At first, this issue started when the Katti expressed his view on the PK’s Jana Sena party and the behaviour of the leader on the news channel. It created the rage of all the PK fans and started threatening him saying that they will kill him as Kathi says.

Kathi stated that it is senseless and questioned PK on staying silent on his fans’ action. So, he now wants to raise the issue as the Power Star is not considering the problem. We all know that PK fans are ready to go near any extent for their god. Let’s see what will happen to Mahesh Katti in future.


Mahesh Katti during his interview commented on Pawan Kalyan political party and his behaviour. It made the fans to feel angry on him, and they started warning him and tweeting about him badly. So, Mahesh Katti is going to register the complaint on the Power Star but not on the fans. The reason for this is that it is the fault of the Pawan Kalyan for not addressing the issue.


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