On Wednesday evening, with 300 drones moving in formation, the sky above downtown Singapore will light up. To have the highlight of the country 52nd birthday celebration National Day Parade, the Futuristic light show has planned.

In the sky to produce the animation sequences, the LED lit drones have coordinated, flying up to create sparkly logos and pictures like the Singapore map. And to provide the segment, the parade organisers have tapped.

Intel making 300 drones to dance together in the night sky:

Intel making 300 drones to dance together in the night sky
Intel making 300 drones to dance together in the night sky

Is the high profile event goes well, it is so important that Intel global chief, Anil Nanduri, flying in to make sure that it all takes off? On the eve of his flight here, speaking to Mashable, Nanduri explained that Intel new technology group had come a long way in improving its light show drone system named Shooting Star.

He also stated that “there has considerably more operational complexity in handling a 300 drone fleet, compared with 100 drones in a show.”

It needs to have automated to know their place about the other for instance and the drones flying close to each other. And the system needs to have precise enough to control such a massive swarm across a bigger expanse of airspace to make it possible for the drones to take off with one pilot controlling them.

He explained, “it is like juggling balls in your hand.” And being the more precise in how you throw the next one, you may able to juggle three, but if you juggle nine, you may have to throw them higher and faster to get more time.

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At creating a 300 drone show, it hasn’t an Intel first time and just did that at Coachella this year. The team had celebrated setting a Guinness World Record late last year with a 500 drone spectacle in Germany.

GPS issues grounded the show:

There is still a chance that show may not happen. The Intel fleet could not fly because of a loss of GPS signal last month during one of the parade rehearsals.

The GPS signal issue had beyond Intel control but declined to specify what the problem was, Nanduri said. But, there may have out of Intel full control should the problem occur again tomorrow. For the factors like the heavily overcast day, with cloud cover blocking line of sight between the ground base and GPS satellites, a loss of GPS signal could be.


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