The Onion health benefits are amazing. Onion also has a wide array of medicinal properties to fight many health issues not only adding an exquisite flavour to cooking as a part of the lily family. If you cut the onion, you get tears that you are nothing compared to what this powerful vegetable can do for your health. Here is the information regarding Onion health benefits.

Onion health benefits

At any shop, onions available and costs near to nothing. Reduce the risk of and even prevent some health issue by taking onion on a regular basis. If you have some mangoes, it reduces the risk of obesity and overall mortality, heart disease, while promoting healthy complexion and hair, more energy, and less body fat, many studies have found that.

Onion Health Benefits – cures 7 health problems


The risk of cancer has reduced as in the organosulfur compounds, allium vegetables are abundant especially stomach and colorectal cancers. Due to their high content of organosulfur compounds, health experts believe that the medicinal properties of onions are more.

It fights against the free radicals in the body and prevents tumour growth and mutagenesis. Vitamin C is more in the onion that is a powerful antioxidant that counteracts the effects of free radicals in the body. One of the many causes of cancer development is the Free radicals.

Colon Cancer:

The increased consumption of plant fibre has linked to a reduced risk of colorectal cancer as onions are rich in fibre.

Prostate cancer:

Examined the related among allium vegetables and prostate cancer, as found in a case controlled study and men with the highest intake of these vegetables had the lowest risk of prostate cancer. In the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, the study has published.

Esophageal and stomach cancer:

In reducing the risk of oesophagal and stomach cancer, allium vegetables have also found effective. Alliums have anti cancer and cancer-fighting properties.

Sleep and mood:

For fighting depression, onions are beneficial as well due to their high content of folate that prevents an excess production of homocysteine in the body. The homocysteine also supplies nutrient to the brain not only reducing the blood. It also affects the secretion of the hormones of happiness – serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine that influence your mood, sleep and appetite.

Skin and hair:

On the sufficient intake of vitamin C, Good hair and skin quality largely depend and essential for the secretion and maintenance of collagen. It provides structure to the skin and hair.

Clogged ears:

Take soft onion core with a cloth and place it at the beginning of your ear canal without pushing it inside. Then wax build up becomes soften and make it easier for removing.


If you apply one-half of the cut onion on the burnt place and pain will stop quickly.

Insect stings:

You have to remove the stinger if a bee stings you. Then just mash one of the onion and apply that on the affected spot. It reduces the pain and swelling soon.

High body temperature:

A home remedy is that for the condition is to put onion slices in your socks.


Eat raw onions this helps your body flush out toxins.


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