BMW, Intel and Mobileye tied up for the self-driving technology. This technology has attracted the automakers to enter into the fold.

During Wednesday, August 17th, 2017 the group officially announced an agreement with the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. They partnered mainly to develop the semi-autonomous and fully autonomous technologies. The automakers along with the German automaker and the technology related companies worked primarily on the production of vehicles. It indicates the FCA significant move keeping the pace in mind regarding the other automakers.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Partnered with BMW to join in the development of semi-autonomous and full-autonomous technologies:

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
Fiat Chrysler automobiles

Sergio Marchionne is the FCA CEO in the release. He said that that it is better to make the partnerships crucial among the automakers, technology suppliers and providers rather than thinking of the advanced autonomous driving technology. This cooperation may create the enormous benefits to the FCA. They will receive profits from the synergies and the economies of scale. This scenario will be possible only if the companies come together having the same vision and objective.

FCA owned the Chrysler, Jeep and other brands. It got the offer from the Chinese automaker. The FCA is going to use the offer mainly to purchase the substantial firm pieces like Fiat and Jeep. In 2016, FCA already tied up with the Waymo using the Chrysler Pacifica minivans. Finally, the self-driving research and the mobility experiments will become useless, and they are going to compete with the Ford Motor Company and General Motors.

The main aim of the year-old BMW/Intel/Mobileye is to make the Level 3 and Level 4/5 self-driving technology cars. They are planning to implement this by 2021 and trying to apply the scalable architecture for the self-driving technology. Manufacturers intention is to get the presence of the North American and to benefit the vast reach of plants, and sales volume.

FCA CEO’s statement:

Brian Krzanich is the CEO of the FCA. He said that the future of the transportation mainly depends on the auto and tech industry leaders. They wanted to develop the scalable architecture by working together, and this is the one that every automaker should adopt and customise. Automakers are getting thrilled to hear the FCA’s contribution, and this may aid to produce the world’s safest autonomous vehicles.

Manufacturers are confidentially saying that with their partnership they can send nearly 40 self-driving test vehicles out to the public roads by the end of 2017. They stated that they would produce the Level 4 self-driving cars and they will set the destination to the U.S, Europe and Israel.

Still, the FCA is planning to make the partners or the new parent to involve in some ambitious technology.



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