The new spacesuit from SpaceX has been released. Well yeah! It is nothing like the regular ones.


SpaceX, which stands for Space Exploration Technologies Corporation, is the American company of American aerospace manufacturer and space transport services. The sole aim of SpaceX is to send passengers to Space. Like, making space an easy place to visit. To make this happen, the company has been coming up with a lot of experiments. These experiments make the chances better and better to make space and easy deal. Still, there are miles to cross. However, every small step is a celebration here.

spacex elon musk
spacex elon musk

The Spacesuit:

Now, the CEO of SpaceX, Elon Musk has released the image of the spacesuit that is made by SpaceX. For the first look, this looks like a photo from a sci-fi movie. This is the suit that is expected to keep you and me alive in the space. The company has designed this with a lot of care. The suit is also said to be tested to double vacuum pressure. This makes it safer.

Musk’s tweet reads, “ the First picture of SpaceX spacesuit. More in days to follow. Worth noting that this works (not a mock-up).”

The first space suit from SpaceX:

Knowing the fact that this is the suit that you would be wearing in Mars if you ever go there is interesting. It is a common process to come up with a mock up model usually. But SpaceX has revealed the stuff only after they are so much sure about the final model. The tweet claims that this is the original one and not a mock up. Musk has also tweeted saying, “Was incredibly hard to balance aesthetics and function. Easy to do either separately.”

It looks like this is one sincere mission from the maker.

The look of the spacesuit:

It has to be accepted that the look of the suit is quite sleek and gives the look of a sci-fi movie property. If you are thinking so, here is the reason for that. The suit was designed by Hollywood costume designer Jose Fernandez. He is the one who has created movie costumes for most of the loved characters. Like, Wonder Woman, Batman, Wolverine, and X-Men.

It is said that the company has worked around two years to deal with this suit. Musk has promised more photos of the suit in the coming days.



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