The China’s multinational smartphone and telecommunication manufacturer ZTE (Zhongxing Telecommunication Equipment) have broken all the records and set a new record. In the Chinese 5G network trial. Now ZTE has able to provide the 28 streams to the users through a 3.5GHz in the base stations. It is one of the most significant tests on the EMBB mobile broadband test.

At last, 5G Speed Completed Testing and Created the Huge Records:

5G Speed
5G Speed

Now ZTE has owned the new 19+ of the Gbps record. These all tests are part of the China’s expanding to develop the 5G by 2020. The 5G internet efforts are making faster and easy to suffering.

This test was conducted in the second phase of Chinese 5G network Trial Beijing and Huairou. The ZTE cross the 13Gbps are using the 26 GHz base station. The multinational telecommunication and smartphone maker ZTE is creating the new record.

Based on this success in this test the new enhanced phones are in broadband test. Zhongxing Telecommunication Equipment (ZTE) said that these tests would help to the final commercialization of the high-frequency based technologies in the mobiles.

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