Finally, it is time to focus on some other smartphone, now that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has officially launched. Talking about the next big thing in the smartphone industry speaking of some other smartphone, i.e., the iPhone 8.

About iPhone 8: 3GB RAM and 64GB, 256GB, 512GB storage configurations:


About the iPhone 8 we have heard so far, pretty much everything about the smartphone is confirmed. We know that how it looks and probably how much it will cost as well. Now, there is some other information that we have which tells something new about the smartphone.

From our source, according to the new report, it looks like the iPhone 8 will have offered in three storage configurations. For us, iPhone has offered in three storage configurations is nothing since pretty much most of the iPhones have offered in three storage configurations.

The high-end variation of the iPhone 8 it looks and has 512GB of storage that is first of its kind. Recently the iPads has refreshed with 512GB of storage in case you are wondering, and it looks like the same is going to happen with the iPhone 8 as well.

iPhone 8 will also have 3GB RAM across the board:

It has reported that it will also have offered in 64GB as well as 256GB configuration talking about the other storage configurations, meaning that we will have a total of three storage configurations. Well, with the iPhones, if this true then we must say that Apple is yet again playing the dirty game here.

Within a few minutes of 4K video footage, we all know that 64GB storage is going to get over and hence most people would go for the net variant which is 256GB. Then the standard options, it is going to cost more.

Here, another source mentions the fact that the iPhone 8 will also have 3GB RAM across the board. So, you will have to get 3Gb of RAM which is good regardless of which storage configuration you choose.

When other smartphones are flying in 2017 around with the 6GB/ 8Gb RAM, 3GB might not sound like a hot. However, we believe that iOS 11 can benefit from the added RAM. And we would like to know your thoughts on this with that said. With the iPhone 8, are you planning on picking up and if yes, then at what storage configuration?


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