Good news for the people who like getting the new phone every year. The Sprint is trying to help the users in getting the new phone whenever we want regardless of our budget.

Sprint Announced New Plans like Sprint Flex, Sprint Deals, Sprint Forward Prepaid Plans:

Sprint Announced New Plans
Sprint Announced New Plans

Sprint Flex:

The telecom company now released an option named Sprint Flex. It is the new lease option which facilitates us to pick the phone whenever you want after a year. After choosing the desired phone decided whether you want to maintain it continuously for 18 months. We can buy it and return it whenever you lost the interest on it. If we want we can upgrade it otherwise return it. For upgradations after the completion of a year customers have to pay $5 per month. There is no need to pay the extra monthly charges if we choose the iPhone flagship or Samsung Galaxy device.

Sprint Deals:

Sprint also released another option named the Sprint Deals. Using that we can select the more affordable phone. If we allowed the Sprint to check our credit, we are qualified to avail the Sprint Flex Postpaid plan. For entry level devices, it requires $25, and for excellent ones, we have to pay $30. They will charge the $5 or $10 for the entry and premium phones respectively.

Sprint Forward Prepaid Plan:

If you skipped the credit check, we had an another chance to avail the Sprint Forward Prepaid Plan (prepaid cell phones). Using this plan, we can get the 50 percent off on the entry level devices and 25 percent offer on the high-end devices. We can choose either of the Sprint Deals options. After completing the 12 consecutive and on-time monthly payments, we can upgrade the new appliance.

VOIP phone:

It uses the Voice over IP technologies for molding the telephone calls using the IP network such as Internet. We can use the internet instead of the traditional public switched telephone network.


Sprint announced new plans like Sprint deals, Sprint Forward Prepaid Plan, Sprint Flex. Its primary intention is to provide the annual upgrades to all the entry and premium phones. Regardless of the budget, we can upgrade our appliances.


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