Puri Jagannadh is the famous Telugu film director. On Wednesday, July 19th, 2017 he attended before the Special Investigation Team (SIT). The Officials said that they want to investigate him about the drug racket in Hyderabad.

SIT Questioned Puri Jagannadh today Regarding the Drug Racket Case in Hyderabad:

SIT Questioned Puri Jagannadh
SIT Questioned Puri Jagannadh

In response to the notice, Puri Jagannadh along with his brother and his son reached the office. He arrived the Prohibition and Excise Department at 10 am. There is a tight security arrangement around him.

SIT started questioning the Jagannadh to give the information regarding the Tollywood personalities who linked with him in this case.

It sent the notices at least for the dozen artists. SIT included the leading actors and the actresses in the case and commanded them to appear before them.

They will interrogate one artist per day until the end of this month, July.

SIT Scheduled to Interrogate Charmee and Mumaith on July 20th and July 21st:

SIT scheduled to question the Actresses Charmee Kaur and Mumaith Khan on July 20th and on July 21st respectively. They did not send the notice to the Mumaith Khan. The entire SIT team moved to Mumbai where she is shooting the Telugu reality show.

Famous Actors Involved in the Drug Case:

The Actors Ravi Teja, Tarun, Navdeep, Subbaraju, Nandu, Shyam K Naidu who is the cinematographer and the Chinna the art director are present in this case. The SIT will question them about having the links with the drug peddlers in this case.

The Excise Enforcement Director’s Statement:

Akun Sabharwal is the Excise Enforcement Director and the head in this probe. He said that they sent the notices to the film personalities as they found the contact numbers of them in the call data of Calvin Mascarenhas. He is the main role in this drug racket.

The investigators want to find whether the celebrities are only using the drugs or got involved in the peddling.

Some of the artists say that they avoided using the drugs.

Students also present in this Drug Racket:

The racket created the sensation as they noticed nearly 1,000 students of the leading private colleges and schools are using this high-end drugs. Students got habituated to take the drugs such as LSD (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide) and MDMA (Methylenedioxy Methamphetamine). The SIT community send the advisory note to over 50 colleges and schools and ruled them to work for the menace.

SIT Arrested 13 People till now:

SIT already arrested the 13 accused people. Those people are from the US, Dundu Anish, an aerospace engineer who worked with NASA earlier. The seven B.Tech graduates are present in this case who are presently working in the multi-national companies.


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