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Nikon is Planning to Release the Next-Gen Nikon D850 DSLR Camera as the Resemblance to their 100th Anniversary

Nikon D850: Nikon is trying to compete with the Sony, FujiFilm, and others regarding profitable mirrorless and high-end compact realm.

Nikon 100th Anniversary
Nikon 100th Anniversary

As the part of its 100 anniversary, it announced that is working on the development of full-frame (FX) D850. It will be the successor to the 36.3-megapixel, full -frame D810 camera.

Nikon is Planning to Release the Next-Gen D850 DSLR Camera as the Resemblance to their 100th Anniversary:

However, Nikon did not release much information regarding this camera. It contains the full-frame, high-resolution, and it is the high-speed model. Still, the Nikon is working with the range of new technologies, features, and on the performance enhancements. They decided on concentrate on the above factors after taking the feedback from the users over the years.

Nikon D850
Nikon D850

It is the ‘formidable tool’ and many photographers, hobbyists, landscape, commercial sports shooters, wedding photographers will use this camera.

Features of the Nikon D810 Successor, D850 Nikon:

Nikon is now planning to manufacture the D810 successor. It wants to include the RAW images, in-body stabilization, built-in WiFi, a tilting touchscreen, faster max shutter speeds and 4K video. Nikon will surely implement these features in its new camera.

Nikon released the 4K teaser which contains the group of live video and time lapse. In that, it explained about the Ultra HD video, shallow light capability and 8K time-lapse capabilities for the star-shooting.

Nikon President’s Statements:

On its 100 anniversary, the Kazuo Ushida who is the Nikon President explained their company philosophy and strategy. He stated that they not only the products but also supply the ideas and solutions also. Kazuo added that the Nikon reborn to deliver the superior technologies and ideas. Their primary intention is to hold the light as their core philosophy.

Nikon is trying to bring the curiosity over the different range of interests to implement the fresh ideas. After a long break, it is planning to enter again with their improved cameras.


It is working on the high-end DSLR camera market. They want to cancel the compact DL Series, mirrorless cameras present behind the foundering Nikon 1 lineup. From February 2017, they started restructuring their policies. Hoping, it will release the lovely camera as the resemblance to its 100 years of experience. Still, it is trying hard to develop the cameras in such a way that they will rival with others.


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