Green tea is the great source of the antioxidants, the most efficient beverages for good health. Northwest A&F University in Yangling, China conducted the survey and found the green tea components. It will decrease the high-fat and high-fructose (HFFD) which gives the insulin resistance and develops the memory.

Green Tea will Boost the Memory Power:

Green Tea will Boost the Memory Power
Green Tea will Boost the Memory Power

Many people will call the ancient beverage present in the Southeast Asia, green tea as the boost immunity. It will maintain the heart healthily, reduces cholesterol levels, and decreases the risk of cancer. Now researchers found the potential therapeutic components in the green tea will cause the memory impairment, neuroinflammation. It will also provide resistance to the high-fat, high fructose diet.

Healthiest Green Tea:

During the study, researchers found that the EGCG (Epigallocatechin-3-gallate) features the abundant catechin and biologically active components. It will alleviate the high-fat and high-fructose-induced insulin resistance. It will also cause the cognitive impairment.

Drinking Green Tea Every day: Green Tea Drink

According to the research reports, the EGCG potential will give a treatment of human diseases. It will show its impact regarding the insulin resistance. The Western Diet will trigger the cognitive deficits in the brain.

Green Tea Supplements:

Xuebo Liu said that the Green tea is the second most people consume beverage after the water in the world. It will grow entirely in at least 30 countries. Drinking Green tea is the alternative for the medicine when we observe it in combatting obesity, insulin resistance, and memory impairment.

How the Study Was Carried Out

The team took the three-month old mice and fed it with the standard diet, HFFD diet. A group fed the mice with HFFD diet and two grams of EGCG per liter of drinking water.

They monitored the mice for 16 weeks and noticed that the HFFD fed mice contain the higher final body weight when we compare it with the control mice. The crew finally said that the HFFD taken mice have higher final body weight than the HFFD+EGCG mice.

HFFD+EGCG: EGCG Green Tea Extract

On each test, it will deliver the lower escape latency and avoid distance than the HFFD group.

When we make the platform to perform the probe trial, the HFFD-treated mice live less time when we compare it with the control mice.

The HFFD+ECGC will raise the time consumed in the target quadrant. In the platform crossing, the EGCG will increase the HFFD-induced memory impairment.


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