Google Keyboard application, Gboard beta version has updated. Incognito enable, and Nougat equipped devices to use Gboard secret mode on their smartphones, with this update, user allowed which have the designation Gboard 6.4 beta that is still running on Android Marsh.

Gboard Beta Incognito to Marshmallow:

Gboard 6.4 Beta Assist Incognito to Marshmallow
Gboard 6.4 Beta Assist Incognito to Marshmallow

On devices operating the beta version of Android O developer preview, the hidden mode feature was only previously available. The similarly named option in Gboard prevents the software from recording the input or keystrokes for the purposes like machine learning similar to the incognito mode that found in the chrome browser.

To determine what basic mistakes users make when typing on their keyboards. Google in its research Blog has previously detailed that it was recording user input. The feature can have activated once the user opens an incognito tab in the version 59 once the app is updated and newer of the chrome browser.

Incognito mode, the key feature of the Gboard 6.4 beta:

There also have a few more, albeit much minor while the incognito mode is the essential characteristics of the Gboard 6.4 beta, improvements that the search giant made to its keyboard application. At the theme page, first is the design change of the application settings.

For its theme options like custom, Colors, and Landscapes, the user will now see a grid display as opposed to the carousel like show the app currently uses for its theming options. From the top of the theme options to the bottom of every option, the “Show More” option has also moved.

Additionally, under the Keyboard search field, Google has added a GIF option directly. The search giant combined GIF rules with other search results, and now in the previous beta version of the keyboard app, the process of going straight to the GIF search results is an IOT easier.

It is significant to point out that there might have some features included here since it is the beta version of the application that will not make it to the stable version. It was possible to update the Gboard app through the play store for those who enrolled in the beta program. To test the latest features the search giant brings to its machine learning powered Keyboard.


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