The Department of Telecommunication (DOT) is looking for details of Reliance Jio data cracked of Jio users details.

A few days ago, police arrested a person in connection with the Jio data broke the team. Reliance company file a complaint on the data leaked team.

Department of Telecommunication(DOT)-requires Reliance Jio regarding the data breach:

Department of Telecommunication(DOT)-requires Reliance Jio
Department of Telecommunication(DOT)-requires Reliance Jio

Sunday Jio users data was leaked on web sites. In the websites contains all Jio users information like name, phone number, and Andhaar number, etc. Reliance Jio has not informed any details. Telco Secretary Arun Sundararajan said they replied to queries of regarding the data hackers. Arun Sundararajan added the department for collect the details on the Reliance Jio issue from Reliance company.

Police said They identify a person nickname ‘Imaran Chippa’ in Churu district in Rajasthan. Chippa had created the website ‘Magicapk.’ He provides the all the details of Jio user through websites.

The details about Magipack website have no information till now.  The Jio company has confirmed the customer’s data was safe and maintains the highest data security management.

The Reliance company said they had informed law enforcement agencies. These take the strict action on the claim of the websites.


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