BlackBerry KEYOne available to the Users in the US: BlackBerry smartphone is the QWERTY phone which is now circulating on the Internet. It did not make the official rounds in the US. On Friday, July 14th, 2017 manufacturers finally released this smartphone across the US. It is possible to get this phone if you are in the carrier. If you are Sprint, then try for this phone as it is already landed in this region.

BlackBerry KEYOne available to the Users in the US
BlackBerry KEYOne available to the Users in the US

BlackBerry made BlackBerry KEYOne available to the Users in the US through the Carrier:

It’s hard to get the KEYOne if you are not the fan of the QWERTY. This phone features the best physical keyboard along with the screen aspect ratio which is usual for the popular Android Smartphones. Manufacturers made it thick, and it will create inconvenience to its users to handle it with one hand.

After getting this phone in our hands, we can observe how flimsy the adhesive is and how the manufacturers made the screen using that cohesive material. JerryRigEverything noted that when the users applied the very little force on the screen, it will get detached. The CrackBerry experienced the same scenario oppositely. Countless testimonies supported both the sides. Meanwhile, BlackBerry promised to strengthen the glue. It is also going to improve some other affected units by making some more modifications.

Smartphone makers made this phone available to the users in the US who are living in the Sprint only from July 14th, 2017. The interested candidates can buy it from the carriers. They can pay the amount for it, and it is the 18 monthly payments scheme. In each month we have to pay around $22. The users present in other networks can avail it in the normal process. They have to wait and then buy it from the e-tailers.

Sprint is trying to build the new platform for the modern niche smartphones. Andy Rubin’s Essential phone did not ship into the market yet. But, it has made the exclusive deal with the carrier.

The Price of the BlackBerry KEYOne:

Manufacturers priced it at $528.


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