Apple iPhone 8: Apple is planning to launch iPhone 8, and it is going to hit the market with the vast records within few days.

According to the previous leaks, Apple is planning to launch its next generation iPhone 8 in the early September 2017.

Apple will Launch its new Apple iPhone 8 soon: Apple iPhone 8

As Apple is going to celebrate its iPhone’s 10th anniversary, all the retailers are expecting it may contain the major upgrade than its predecessor. It may include the AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode) edge-to-edge display. This AMOLED screen will cover the entire front of the phone.

Apple iPhone 8

Smartphone makers are going to embed the new dual-lens camera, wireless charging facility and the faster processor in it. People are also expecting the new home button under the screen.

Apple iPhone 8
Apple iPhone 8

It is not clear whether the smartphone makers are going to embed these new features or not.

Apple is trying to shape iPhone 8 as one of the most impressive smartphones. For that, they include the glass panels on the front and the rear of the smartphone. They may place the curved borderless OLED display and want to release it with no Home Button.

Apple iPhone 8 Leaks and Measurements:

Apple released the iPhone 8 trailer and videos regarding it. The phone in that video is not the iPhone 8, but the team behind the screen created it using the 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design).

However, the manufacturers may change the features before the official launch.

According to the leaks, Smartphone makers placed the giant screen and the new screen in the new iPhone. They put them vertically on the rear aspect of the device.

The below video will also show the details regarding the size of the device. The measurements of the iPhone 8 are 71mm in width and 143mm tall.

At present, the current iPhone 7 measures 67mm wide and 138mm tall. The bigger 7 Plus width is 77.9mm and 158mm tall.

Apple did not announce the exact launch date of iPhone 8 and announced its iOS 11 operating system (OS).

They made this new OS available to Apple’s Siri-Smart assistant. Apple users can send cash to their friends using Apple Pay.



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