James Williams is the President who works on normalizing the U.S and Cuba relations. President Obama two years back eased the administration towards the Cuba in travel and trade policy. Now the William is trying hard to make Trump continue the same as Obama.

James Williams trying to normalize the U.S and Cuba Relations:

Trump is ready to move U.S towards Cuba
Trump is ready to move U.S towards Cuba

William thinks everything is favor as Trump did not make any announcement regarding the changes in America’s and Cuba policy. It seems that Trump is going to follow some steps as his predecessor followed in 2014. William is also trying to improve the Obama policies with Trump modifications.

In Fox News, William said that Cuban people did not need enmity with the US. They observed the change in lives in 2014, and they wanted it to continue the same and even faster. If the two states did not comprise on the same policy, it might lead towards the destruction of lives.

In Miami which is the Bay of Pigs Veterans Group, Bridge 2506 expected the Trump might announce significant changes to the Obama U.S – Cuba policy. Trump went there on Friday, June 9th as the part of the scheduled visit to that city.

For the first time on October 25th, 2016 the presidency of US received the endorsement from the Veterans Group. During that event, the Trump noticed the people are eager for the President to place the human rights and free in Cuba and protection to U.S national security during the Castro bond.

Trump Agreed to move U.S towards Cuba:

Trump promised the U.S is saying he won’t stop the Castro regime which supports us economically and politically. He stated that he wouldn’t let the U.S people down and he follows same as Obama and Hillary Clinton do.

Trump also added that Obama’s decision had eased the trade and travel restrictions, but there are no concessions in return. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson stated it’s necessary for the Trump administration to conduct the top-to-bottom review of U.S – Cuba policy.

Officials Advises Trump about U.S – Cuba policy:

Officials said the money which they infused into Cuba from U.S had increased the benefits of tourism and business deals. Marion Smith is the executive director of Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation (VOC). They are suggesting Trump implement the stricter policy on Cuba.

Smith added the Trump should turn the detention with Cuba positively and should push the Cuban Government to release their political prisoners. He should try to grab the international standards on human rights.

Advocates say this will help Cuba in bringing the improvements in human rights in more than 50 years. It is time for Trump to try something new. If America is ready to move towards Cuba, it will benefit them both in forming entrepreneurial ventures and in developing the political system which will change the entire island.

Trump is in Confusion about to move the US towards Cuba:

John Gronbeck-Tedesco is the professor at Ramapo College in New Jersey. He said that Trump is in the awkward spot of thinking about the Cuba-Americans in Florida. They are the people who voted him and helped him to become a President in America. He promised them to provide more job opportunities and to reduce trade will not assist in doing that and so Trump is a confusion state.

If American will agree with the relationship with Cuba, it only benefits the agriculture industries. A White House Official suggested Trump saying the Homeland Security should ban the U.S trade with Cuba linked entity to the military. The Havana U.S embassy will stay open.

America is going to demand a few things from the Cuba. They are planning to ask greater internet access and will request them to release the American fugitives who are in Cuba. Trump will not change any rules that Obama kept in Cuba – American policy, but he is going to demand the Cuba in some issues.

Benefits to Cuba with Obama’s rules in U.S Travel:

Obama’s rules encouraged the U.S travel to Cuba. Hence the number of American travelers tripled in the Cuba Island. This trip promoted the tens of millions of dollars into the Cuba private hospitality sector.

U.S tourism industry says more than half of the tourists who are living in the Havana hotels are from the United States. American people started visiting the Cuba and help Island in having the fastest growth in its private sector. Travelers kept nearly $40 million dollars in the hands of private bed and breakfast owners in Cuba.

Google also helped Cuba in providing Internet Service:

Google also helped Cuba by placing the servers which will speed up the web service from last year. Brett Perlmutter is the head of the strategy and operations for Google Club. On June 12th, 2017 he said Google played a vital role in Cuba development still it is the beginning. Cuba wants US support to allow the telecommunication firms to work on their island.

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