OnePlus 5, the hot topic of the gadget town is now answerable in Cheating the Benchmark test.

OnePlus 5 was released very recently and is considered as the hit sale of the time. This is said to be the competitor to many other devices and is undoubtedly well marketed. The specifications are just amazing and are a “Don’t miss it” sort of buy at a very nominal rate of around 32K.

Benchmark Test:

OnePlus cheated in the benchmark test
OnePlus cheated in the benchmark test

Benchmark test is the scale that defines the quality of a gadget in the market. There are several instances where the gadgets cheat in certain aspects to make them look like the best of its kind. Many times these cheats have been picked out, but still, it wasn’t easy to prove or even find out where and how they cheated this.

Now, one another addition to the benchmark cheater list is the OnePlus 5. As the XDA-Developers noticed, they say that the cheat happened in the maximum frequency monitoring. There is no proper governance switch to manage when the device enters into the test. There will be certain malpractices from some companies to attain the maximum frequency, and that is the same that happened with OnePlus 5.

With this cheat thought, the cores will be maintained at 1.9 GHZ. OnePlus 5 has received something like highest GeekBench 4 scores of a Snapdragon 835 to date. This is what XDA says OnePlus has done.

OnePlus has kept boasting about its Snapdragon 835 being ahead of the others, but it looks like they have been cheating to get to the place they claim to deserve.

Allegations against Oneplus:

This isn’t the first time OnePlus gets into an issue of benchmark cheating. At the beginning of 2017 itself, XDA popped up saying OnePlus cheats the tests. It mentioned that OnePlus just tweaked their system as to work better when there is a benchmark tool detected being there. This way, the device will perform better than usual if there is a benchmark test. Now again the allegation has come clearly for OnePlus 5.

While responding to the allegations, OnePlus has released a statement that is said to be partially true. It doesn’t agree with the allegations, neither does it deny. It also says that OnePlus 5 is getting good reviews because the device is the best on its own. So, there shouldn’t be any issue.

But, for a device which is hailed as much as Samsung S8 at a price almost half or more less of the same, OnePlus should keep up the promises. If there were a cheat, the processor wouldn’t live much to the word. Let us hope that the buyers of Oneplus 5 don’t get disappointed.

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