Swift Playgrounds New App Supports Robots and Drones

On June 1st, 2017 Apple released the Swift Playgrounds, education programming iPad app. This app is going to support robots and drones. Using the Swift Code young kids and students can control the real-world toys and machines. On June 12th, 2017 Apple is partnering with toys and robotics companies including LEGO and with drone company Parrot. Along with Apple other companies like UBTECH, Wonder Workshop, Skoog is going to teach children about composing songs.

Swift Playgrounds New App Supports Robots and Drones
Swift Playgrounds New App Supports Robots and Drones

Apple Released Swift Playground in 2016:

During Apple’s 2016 WorldWide Developers Conference Apple released Swift Playground. It is a video game which will teach the kids the way of coding using Apple’s Swift programming language. The product manager Tim Triemstra made this Swift with colorful environments and used the film industry term ‘cutscenes’ to explain the coding and programming. On iPad screen, this code is present on the left side and manipulate plays are on the right side.

Swift PlayGround Integrated with Educational Institutions:

After its launch, Apple integrated with various educational institutions around the country. Many academies fixed it in classrooms. Since its inception, it had nearly 1 million users. Triemstra said he thought it should be the everyone’s first programming language and should be approachable.

Apple wanted to expand the Swift playground educational focus.  Playgrounds will support all modes of robotics. It can help flying drones also. Apple expects this would make the young kids learn to program and will gain the grip towards the secrets of code. It will inevitably become familiar even in the next generation of coders.

Other Companies Joined With Apple:

LEGO also joins along with Apple. Near the iPhone maker’s Cupertino office, a LEGO explained about the Mindstorms EV3 Kit working with Playgrounds. This kit will connect the robot-controlling modules to an iPad through Bluetooth. LEGO said especially for kids it designed 10 hours of lessons using Mindstorms kit for the Playgrounds app.

Many kids are using Sphero’s transparent SPRK+ orb to know about robotics and programming. Children can learn the exercises step-by-step using this SPRK+. It also includes a real-world Pong game. People can use Pong game as their feet and paddles while the SPRK+ is the ball.

Parrot is also supporting Apple’s new Playground by including Mambo, Rolling Spider, and Airborne drones. Their representative also showed how the Playgrounds app would take the input commands from the drones and performs their actions.

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