OnePlus 3T to be discontinued: There were several instances where the production of cell phones come to a halt. This mostly happens which failure models and the ones that are highly complicated. Very rarely, you might have to see the death of your favorite phone. Well, this time it is OnePlus 3T.

OnePlus 3T to be discontinued:

OnePlus 3T to be discontinued
OnePlus 3T to be discontinued


It will not see the light anymore. The smartphone was born on November 15, 2016. Yeah! It is not even half a year.

OnePlus discontinues OnePlus 3T:

Now, OnePlus has announced that there will be no more production of OnePlus 3T. Already, just after OnePlus 3T was released, OnePlus gladly discontinued OnePlus 3. It isn’t odd to keep releasing flagship phones within the period of six months. Though it is unusual, it isn’t odd at all. But, what qualifies to odd is the discontinuation of a flagship phone while its fans are saving money to afford one.

OnePlus 3T – best:

OnePlus 3T is one of the best flagship mobiles recently. It was happily compared to every other flagship device of the month and still, won hearts. The price was very well affordable, and it had specifications as high as double its price. Still, it is on the verge of death, and this means, OnePlus is planning more on Oneplus 5.

OnePlus 5:

There is a talk that the OnePlus five will be released very soon. With the new release round the corner, there are chances that the continuation of the previous model is tough for the company. Well, known fact is that OnePlus is a small company. It isn’t a huge concern who can multi-task a million products. The focus has to be one to maintain the quality. This might be the reason why OnePlus is shutting down on OnePlus 3T.

Security patches for 3T:

The company has announced that there needn’t be any panic about the updates and security patches for OnePlus 3T. The OnePlus 3T and its predecessor OnePlus 3 will get its updates and security patches as usual. The company has stopped the production of the device. However, the back-end support will continue as usual.

Availability of OnePlus 3T:

In a statement in, OnePlus said, “This is the last call to buy the OnePlus 3T before stock runs out. The OnePlus 3T (both 64GB and 128GB variants) will continue to be available for purchase in India until later this year.”

So, as the company said, the smartphone can be purchased until there is stock available. If you are someone who is craving to get the device, this is your last chance on the same. Most Noteworthy, the midnight black variant of OnePlus 3T has already gone out of stock and will never come back it seems. There are the other two variants available – gun metal gray and soft gold color version. Grab your smartphone early if you are planning still.

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