DJI New Spark Drone: Working, Price – A new drone entered the market, and its size resembles the can of Coco-Cola. The users can control it using hand gestures. The China-based DJI is the world’s biggest drone manufacturer. On Wednesday 24th May, manufacturers invented a new Spark drone. It is a small flying quadcopter, and it weighs less than one pound.

DJI New Spark Drone


Michael Perry is the DJI director. He demonstrated how the users have to control this new drone using hand motions at New York City’s Grand Central Terminal. Users have to press the drone’s power button twice then it recognizes him as its operators. After pressing the power buttons, it will lift gently from the user’s hand palm like a mini-helicopter.

How does the new Spark drone work?

A drone will move in either direction if the people moves their hands left or right. When the user’s steps forward or moves backward with their palm facing towards the drone, it will move away or closer to him. If we wave our hand, it will fly ten feet away. The onboard camera would center the operator in its frame if we planned to take a selfie.

When we wave our hands, the drone comes back to our hands. It launches itself on our hands if we lay our palm out to the robot.

DJI finally succeeded in making the family-friendly model which makes the users capture photos quickly. Many customers wanted DJI products but didn’t know much rather than flying. This Spark drone is a more power drone, and professional or amateur filmmakers use it to capture breathtaking videos. It even captures the pictures of an active volcano without the help of a flying robot.

Spark drone can take selfies or family portraits without taking the help of someone’s phone. When we compare it with DJI Phantom 4 Pro and the Mavic Pro, it is unable to capture 4K video. It can fly up to 30 minutes without having a recharge. Under the user control, it can travel a little over four miles away from the operator.

The Spark drone can capture HD video, and it can fly up to 16 minutes in the air. It can travel about 1.2 miles under the control mode.

DJI want to gain control over the drone market with its low-priced products. This drone is going to enter the market in five different colors. The color variants are meadow green, alpine white, lava red, sunrise yellow and sky blue.

The Price of New Spark drone:

This new drone costs $500. A new Spark drone is the DJI’s cheapest drone when compared to other models like Phantom 4 Pro and the Mavic Pro. Phantom 4 Pro costs $1,500 while Mavic Pro costs $1,000.

The lower price will attract the users who don’t want the powerful features like the expensive models. Other drones which cost around $500 like Parrot Bebop 2 drone and UPair One Plus drone contains a 4K camera. They won’t have the same gesture-control features like DJI Spark drone.

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