CheckOut M with windows 10 iot: Static registers become a thing of past as the point of sales (POS) devices are increasing popular these days. iPods and Square both are synonyms, but it is not the solution around. CheckOut M delivers unique features that will be a major challenge for that service.

CheckOut M with windows 10 iot

CheckOut M runs an Intel Atom “Cherry Trail” processor with Windows 10 iot. UI looks exactly like Windows 10.


Features of CheckOut M with windows 10 iot

CheckOut M features a chip-card reader, NFC, Swipe. The device works with Google Wallet or Apple Pay. On the back, fingerprint reader authorized employees to access the device. 2.7-inch payment screen on the back, users sign directly.

The more advanced model had full 4G LTE on board and certified for AT&T, T-Mobile, version networks. The device base model connects to WI-FI. If the customers don’t want the full Windows 10 smart screen to experience Windows 10 iot for the company can be locked to a single app experience.


Which makes the CheckOut M unique:

Which makes CheckOut M unique is the continued blurring of what is Windows 10 and related hardware. The device becomes a Standalone,  very robust system when the investment Azure, Power BI, and the Microsoft Graph.

Price of checkOut M with Windows 10 iot

Currently, CheckOut M in the certification is for secure payments. This device is going to launch later this summer. Already one major airline who is looking to deploy the CheckOut M on flights for PoS services.

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